Thought I'd share progress

Just thought I’d share a picture…

Widow’s to the left of me, Haze’s to the right, Kush sits in the middle and they grow both day and night.

Your ladies are looking good OldGoat. How much time left before harvest?
For some reason my phone or labtop won’t upload my pic’s. I want you all to see my clones.
they are between 6 and 8 inches tall now. I’em going to wait till my other w,w get a bit taller then flip to 12/12 I had a problem I over watered them but I cought it in time transplanted them into bigger pots that’s how I found out plus they were all yellow…now they are doing great. I got 19 out of 24…not bad and fifteen seedlings all about the same age the seedlings are 2 ft. high…Sweeeeet !

I’m thinking around April 20th or so.

I finally got my pic’s uploaded up…so here they are…first 2 pic’s are the clones and the other two are from seed


you guys should really start training your plants to get the full potential and not necessarily topping or super cropping but just taking the very top and kind of bending them over slightly by tieing them to the pot to make the rest of the plant shoot for the sky and just keep repeating, this technique also works really good in bloom because your never cutting or breaking the girls as to not cause any stress… but both of your girls are lookin good…peace out

My focus for this year is going to be getting the plants to grow as well as possible with the limitations I have here. Once we have a really good plan that we can follow daily, we’ll start looking at yield increasing techniques. (And honestly, there’s more than enough yield for this old goat to enjoy for a long, long time.)

I totally understand og I just hate to see all that room go to waste and since you already have all the materials needed now it’s just a little bit of time in Finessing to make it really worthwhile, and since when is too much of a good thing a bad thing …lol. peace

This is my first time monster cropping. I did a lot of research on it. You don’t have to bend, top or fem your plants. They will grow more branches with more nodes for more bud and all ya have to do is water and feed but the cool thing is you won’t have to buy any more seeds. I just started 5 OG Krush 5 Super Skunk and 5 Northern Light from these I will start cloning along with my White Widow I plan on buying Roberts plant can’t remember the name but this will give me 5 kinds of plants to grow without buying seeds and a never end supply of bud. Now that would be Sweet.


Will…i agree with you 100% , I use that same technique for certain strains and have been able to take clones at 7 weeks and still have great results…but once you have all those tops you need to trane them and if you have the time and patience put them into a scrog net .once I started I never looked back…it’s a lot of work but yields are huge and it’s ridiculous to see that sea of green even if it still is a small area…instead of having just five or six main colors you end up with hundreds and it’s as simple as as soon as they grow through you tie them down which forces more growth and more colas…but your definitely on the right track will…if I wasn’t such a schizophrenic and could figure out how to use these stupid electrical gadgets I would post some pics…peace

Peach fuzz

I’em always up for trying something new and i’ll try this scrog. I’em thinking of
using pvc pipe and thin wire.
Question…how high should I make it?
I’em guessing around 18 to 24 inches high’


I am looking forward to see how all this turns out. :slight_smile:

I hear that Lakewood…

I just hooked up my 1000w bulbs 2 of them i’em going to wait till 4/1/15 to flip 12/12
From these i’ll take clones at about 3 or 4 weeks into flowering.
i’em starting to build the frame and should have it finished this weekend.
I’ll post pic’s when finished.
By the way the new place looks pretty good

be safe


Well I finished up my sog setup and have already started to tie them down.
Things are looking pretty good so far.
Pic #1 are the clones and pic #2 are from seed all WW plants