This is normal right..?

Have some leaves around a bunch of buds that are turning purple. I am hoping this is normal. I am not sure but im about a week or so from harvest this will be my first so that just a guess


Oh yes, that is quite normal and breathtakingly beautiful!


Yep it’s normal for some strains to have pretty colors


Those are some good looking buds. Yeah it’s normal, especially at the end of flower. Good work!!

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Ok I thought it was thanks guys


Nice buds

Yes this is 100% normal and is actually a very good indicator that the plant is now utilizing her energy to produce buds. Congratulations!

Nice. Awesome looking bud man. I’d keep checking trics might be a bit over a week might not. Usually she throws colors like so towards her final finish up and the last 2 weeks is when she will fatten up the most for ya. Beautiful tho nice job for sure