This is more stressful than I expected. I think I'm encountering some issues

First off, this is a tremendous resource. Thanks to all of you for your input on the different threads.

Everything was seemingly going pretty good with my grow, but when I got to the flowering stage on 4/5 of my plants, I started getting nervous.

This morning, I went out to water and things are looking different. I gave the four oldest (35-45 days) some Bergman’s Flowertime fertilizer 5 days ago. That was the first time I’ve given them any nutrients as I used this soil which already had some nutrients and I didn’t want to burn them: I now realize this was not a great idea and I’m going to go with Happy Frog with my next set of plants.

This morning, I gave all of the plants some Sensi Cal Mag Xtra for some calcium because I’ve convinced myself they needed it. My water’s PH is around 7, by the way.

I’m seeing some discoloring that concerns me. I’ll attach some pics and any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Plant 1:

Plant 2:

Plant 3: This little lady is younger, but am I seeing some bug damage? I inspected the plant and didn’t see any.

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I agree little bug damage on the last picture. Also your soil looks pretty wet. Elevate pots get air flow under the bottom. Couple pieces of 3/4 inch PVC under pot will get it off of the bottom.


I had just watered them. It’s been really hot, so the fabric pots have been drying out pretty quick.

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Good deal have you checked your runoff for PPM an
pH? I ask because they almost look like getting to the point of being hungry.


I have not. I planned to give them another shot of the Flowertime fertilizer in the next watering. I had also considered putting a new layer of the soil on top.

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I’m sorry to say that you are more than likely to have trouble growing in that soil. You are seeing the beginnings of nutrient burn and it will likely only get worse. Transplant into medium designed for cannabis.

The problem is this soil is not PH buffered for the range needed for the plant to thrive. This will get progressively worse and peak during mid-flower where you least can afford it.

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To add onto what myfriendis410 posted, also lists as feeding for 9 months. Which means it has pelletized slow release nitrogen. That will be a pain in your butt as well.

You can transplant to an amended soil that should feed for at least a few weeks. Or a soilless media like peat or coco and hand feed a little more regularly. For the bugs, identifying them would be best to pick right treatment. But pretty good chance some spinosad would take care of it. Captain Jack’s is popular brand, Monterey may be easier to get locally.

I would like to see support ticket too.

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If you are planting outdoor anyways, why not bust up some native soil and throw some perlite in it. You would be surprised! Garden soil and a pot plant works real good! Just dont use outdoor soil indoors. Outdoor soil has stuff like bugs in it that are fine outside but xan quickly become a nightmare indoors. This is a very easy way to get started growing pot.

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I am also a first time grower. using coco with 30% perlite. I am in south Florida so I have an ocean breeze, humidity at 60-80 percent and the heat index is around 85-95 degrees. They were planted two days ago, started poking out of the dirt yesterday, and today is the first time I see them standing except the leaves are curling down. Is this because they’re still growing up or is it overwatering? I gave them 2 liters on the day I potted them. Waterings were a liter each about 4 hours apart. Thinking that the issue is overwatering but I would like to see what you think


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What Myfriendis410 said! Got my plants out of the Miracle Grow soil that I thought I could get away with starting them out in and got them into a proper medium. Everybody is happy and growing like crazy. Thank you very much!

They should be in the shade, getting a tablespoon or so twice daily and put a clear dome over. Once they develop a tap root in two weeks you can remove dome. STAY OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

I keep them in a greenhouse with a fan and the temperature stays aroun 85-90 during the day. Cools off at night. The issue is that they’re starting to grow in a leaning angle. Is this because they’re not getting enough sun in the greenhouse?

More than likely that’s it. Glass greenhouses attenuate sunlight enough that it can be a problem. Hard to believe, but there it is haha.

Update. We’ve had two separate bouts of a healthy amount of rain in the last few weeks. If the plants were suffering from nutrient burn because of the soil I used, maybe that flushed things out a bit. To me, it seems like the plants have recovered and are doing pretty well. The pics are plants ranging from 53-44 days from sprouting.