This is Bobby, follow me for my Spring 2019 Grow!

This grow will start in 6 days. Germination to commence on January 28. Please stay tuned! I will be doing 2 ILGM Sour Diesel Fem, 2 ILGM Pineapple Haze Fem, 2 BYO Girl Scout Cookies Fem, 2 BYO Strawberry Fem and hopefully 2 ILGM Crystal Fem from clone. 1 for sure!


Consider entering your grow in this years grow off challenge.

“2019 Community Grow Off” 2019 Community Grow Off

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@SilentHippie @Onlythebest79 @basementstealth @peachfuzz @MattyBear @dbrn32 and anyone else I forgot. As promised!! Started Seeds this afternoon using the water in a cup method of germinating. And the Spring Grow begins!!


Watching… and looking forward to the action!


So, this morning I came down and checked my seeds… all are cracking open and some have a little white tail peeking out! So, I transferred them to paper towels and will let them finish. It looks like, if all goes well, I will have all 8 seeds germinate which will give me 8 plants. I also took a clone off of what I’m growing now back in December, I didn’t use any growth hormone, I just stuck it in some water and about 8 days later she had roots! I am happy to say, SHE IS DOING FANTASTIC! Here are pics from this morning. So, if all goes well I will have a total of 9 girls!!!

Seeds in bags

My clone cut in December


Ok, after harvesting my previous grow I only received 8.9 ounces off 7 plants. I have come to realize that LEDs are ok for one or two, but any more and they don’t work that well (My opinion). So I bought the new Vanquish 630w Ceramic Metal Halide Light, I have it hung and is ready for my spring grow. And just so you know, all but 2 seeds sprouted so I germinated 2 more and they grew. I will be transplanting some soon and putting under new light. Here’s a picture of my new light.


Go for it, Bobby.

A man or woman with a plan and objectives can achieve astonishing things.

I wish you the very best luck.

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nice light, two bulbs in it?

@monkman. Man. And thank you sir!

what’s going on with your grow? we need pics!

@elheffe702 @highcountrygal and everyone else,

This is an update on my grow. I am week 2 day 3 on veg. I can’t believe the growth under the new light and @monkman yes there are 2 315w bulbs in it. Here is a picture of the grow.

great job bud. are they the 4200’s (veg) or 3100’s (flower)? and i was told that i should only use one bulb for veg cycle and use both bulbs for flower cycle. your plants seem to love the light though. congrats, keep up the good work.

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@monkman they are the 4200k and am using both bulbs. Will switch to the 3200k when it’s time to flower. Yes! They are loving the light at 36”

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I’m all out of likes already this morning…long night lol…they look great, brother! I’ll be watching! :+1:

@elheffe702 @monkman @WonkaMan @highcountrygal @jackowhee

Here is an update. I am 15 days into veg under my new light and am loving the results!


they look great bobby!

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