Thinking of starting somthing new what you think!

We present for your enjoyment yet another OG cross from the expert breeders at Sin City Seeds: Sins OG. This strain is not one for beginners but it is perfect for anyone who is looking for the ultimate couch-locking stone. These buds are nearly al indica and have a THC content that often tops out above 28%. No, that isn’t a typo – we checked it twice. 28% THC – now that’s some potent weed!

So what could possibly be better than an OG strain with that much wallop? How about one with genetics that decrease the flowering time and allow you to get down to business weeks faster than the original? That is where the Blue Power genetics come in. The Kosher Kush gives it the power, the Blue Power gives it the speed.

Grown indoors, Sins OG responds well to any growing method and will produce particularly well in SOG and ScrOG setups. The short indica shape of these plants makes them very conducive to these specialised methods but they also work in other hydro and soil setups just as well and without a whole lot of fuss.

it is Sour Nightmar he he he he

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I hear gorilla glue is about 33% THC and it’s another one I cannot name but it’s THC was 35.8 % , you can google strains with the most THC and probably find it there .

Well I got them in hand lol

I have tried to find them in a seed bank but to no luck The sour nightmare is the highest THC that I have found that I can purchase, I have yet to find gorilla glue I’m looking lol I have heard of Bruce Banner as being a high THC I have went on the web and found high THC levels but you cannot get there seeds . I have Shaman and TheEdg and Mazar x white rhino and a sour D nothing over 20%THC , thank you for the input ! Gives me something to look for lololol