There still alive

Hey everyone they’re still alive and going great so far. The two purple hazes are still kind of small but but have new growth. I haven’t watered them since I transplanted them about a week ago. That’s my question when do you guys think I should start a regular feeding for them.


It’s a good idea to keep all your posts in a single thread so we can see all your info in one place. Keeps the forum clean and easy to read


Read your runoff ppm’s. When they drop below 1000 have at it is a popular consensus.

Now I now that I over watered them when they was in there p cups. And also when I made up my soil mix I didn’t allow the coco coir to dry some before I mixed the two together so I know there a lot of moisture in those two buckets. They’re really pale and haven’t grown much compared to the others around them. And also there fems the other four are autos. But my question is at this point the two stunted plants that are turning very pale is there anything I can do to get them to liven up. They continue to show new growth but slowly. I have not fed since transplant about a week ago. Scared to water them what should I do.