The Three Chicas

Starting a new grow for the Spring Autoflower Challenge. What we have is one ILGM White Widow and two ILGM Sour D’s. One Sour D didn’t want to come to the party so I had to persuade another to join the fun. My last auto I grew (topped in week 4) was a beast at over 7 zips, hoping these will follow suit.



Can you explain your set up. Is this a hydro system? I don’t see any return lines. Just curious.


Good question.? I would live to know more about your set up as well.

It’s not a hydro system, it’s a drain to waste system. I was getting tired of emptying water from each tray so I found some really cool drain away trays and plumbed them together with quick disconnect fittings and pvc. Works like a champ, and if I need to measure runoff I just don’t allow the runoff to go out via the side portal of the tent and I just measure each tray runoff separately in it’s own collection trough. Makes for a nice clean setup, no wet vac, just gravity.


Very inventive I like it! Set to watch :wink:

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Ingenuity, nice! Did you say your last name was MacGyver (TV show reference)?..Good Luck with the Grow. I am along for the ride.

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I’m gonna tag along as well, that is if you don’t mind :v:

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