The new cob setup

My first full run on the 8 50 watt cobs @dbrn32 helped setup. Amazing!
Blue cheese, gold leaf, gsce, jack herer.


That looks awesome :heart_eyes:. Is it difficult to grow different strains at the same time?

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Not than any other…
Gotta grow salad ingredients!!

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Are they cbx3590?

Not really. I just can tell which ones need more nutes by sense I guess. I veg for 8 weeks normally.

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Citizen cL0u481216 (4) on each hlg185. There are two but waiting for stock to get 2 more lights to double bloom tent.

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Well my friend looking awesome bro keep it up!! Post if you double up,actually post anyhow they looking bomb!

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Cxb’s are pretty much old news. There are several cobs that give you similar performance for much lower price.


They are out of stock of the drivers and cobs. I have to come up with an alternative. I only want to go up in efficiency if I change but keep the same spectrum. Let me know what you think. If you want some of these flat LEDs let me know I’ll send them. Have too many but worked great for the babies.

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You can go up in voltage. Cxm-22, clu-048-1818 or bigger, vero 29 b or c would all be more efficient. For the cost of the vero 22, it would be up there too.

Where would I get those? Also I try to keep the cost under $300 per fixture. Where one fixture will be 4 cobs and one driver.

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You can get the Luminous cxm from cobkits. I buy my drivers from jameco. I see your light is similar to mine. Built with @dbrn32 help also. This 400 watt light I built with Citi 1216s blows the Chinese 600w lights I have off the map.


Old news? Similar performance? In lux? Micromoles?per jewel?par? full spectrum?ppfd?

Dude this is science! Cxb3590 is best available period …what does m,oney have to do with anythimg?

You may want to do some more research. I’m pretty sure @dbrn32 has. As he gave me all the information before I built the other. My friend has the cxb3590 and more lights but not getting near the results I have been. Which is why I’ve been reluctant to order anything else because I want what I have. But I’m sure if dbrn32 says something will be better I’m without question ordering it. He knows his stuff.


I am not trying to argue over electricity and man made components…bottom line is people test different things for different reasons…I could get better results if I hooked up 10 cobs to a hlg 185 well effeciency at least and I just wanted to know a simple question…not debate and go down rabbit hope over Chinese made components…Happy Growing and great job on the grow!!!

Alibaba has decent diy…kingbrite@alibaba. Check them out

No offense taken. He has just been extremely knowledgeable and helped me out tremendously. We’re all good :sunglasses:

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Yes to me as well ,I have great many posts from him, he could’ve flung mad knowledge at me and he chose not to …cuz he can !!! :grin::v::clap::facepunch::facepunch::+1::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Assuming you’re not running your cobs at 37 watts or less, that statement is complete bullshit. If you don’t have cd bin or higher I don’t think it’s true even at that power level. The problem you’re running into is that led tech has gotten way better. A vero 29c will make quick work of a 3590 at 50 watts, arrow sells them for like $20ish depending on color temp and right now has 30% off. Half the price for more performance.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not a cree hater. I have them myself. But I couldn’t in my right mind suggest any members spend more for less performance.

Lux is useless useless unless comparing two known identical light spectrums. Check out how a lux meter measures and then try to correlate that to something like the McCree action spectrum. A umol is a unit of radiometric output. A joule (not jewel) is a unit of electrical energy over time, one watt for one second. Full spectrum? Haha, sure all white leds are full spectrum. Ppfd is isn’t even really a function of an led, it’s light density over space. But to answer all of those questions, YES! There are other cobs that provide a similar light spectrum and more ppf at the same power level. Which would lead to a higher ppfd in the same size space.

And the shipping from Alibaba makes small builds more expensive than sourcing parts locally.

I’m not sure what that’s all about, pretty sure I’ve spent a butt load of time helping anyone that’s asked.


We’ll set me up with these veros I need a driver that will power 4 50 watts with ease.