The leaves at the top of my flowering plants are brittle/crispy

The leaves around the still developing buds crumble in my hand. My tests show that the soil is between moist and wet and halfway between Alkaline and acid. I'm using Ocean forest soil, fox farm nutes and CFL lighting. I was out of town for one day when the temperature happened to reach 100. Since then the leaves have become more and more brittle.
 I am in week 5 of flowering. The buds are still mostly small. Everything was going nicely until this problem. Somebody save my first grow.

Hard to say - sounds like heat and poor air issues

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Sounds like heat stress, shock from temps soaring out of range and lack of airflow or enough airflow

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Can the plants be saved?

Increase airflow, and drop temperatures, should see a change within 3-10 days, so yes they are saveable

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Agree with “Majiktoker” plants will respond ! that’s nice about marijuana - it’s a very hard plant to kill, and depending on strain can take a lot of abuse

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Thanks steve2 and majiktoker. I appreciate the benefit of your knowledge.

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Hi I am a new grower and can’t seem to find where to post my question. I have three plants outside and like a dope I sprayed them with dishsoap and water because something was eating the leaves. Now the leaves are all burnt and crunchy. New growth is coming back but I’m noticing the tips of the new growth is burnt. Does this mean my plants are going to die? I had to remove the dead leaves as well. I know this is from the soap because I just water them and nothing else. Oh and this happend last week and I did spray water to get the soap off the next day and new growth is growing healthy in some places. Thank you

I have used dish soap, Dawn, the blue one, no antibiotics in it…2 tablespoons to 1 gallon…on my outdoor plants many times and never had death or decay.

Neem Oil is a good alternative for an organic pesticide.

Do you think that they are dying? This happen last week and new growth is coming but the tips of the baby leaves are burnt😩And my other two plants look like Charlie Brown Christmas trees😂. I very new at this and I’m enjoying it. I don’t want them to die. They still look ok to me. Thank you for any advice.

Information would be needed…soil, fertilizers, pH of your water…

If you have new growth, the plant is living…even if the top dies, side branches would continue.

Are you fertilizing?

The ones that look like Charlie Brown Christmas tress I had to take a lot of the leaves off and some of the new growth on them is healthy. Do you think they can be saved with time?

The big leaves, the fan leaves, are important for the plant…the leaves transform light into food…the plant will be stressed, stop growing for days up to weeks but will start again.

Best to cure the problem than remove the leaves.

Big healthy plant, big healthy flowers.

Thank you!!! There is leaves still on the plant but the pic is the best plant. Thank you for your reply. I’ll be happy come October I’ll have a least something I hope.

I would ask Will @garrigan62, he’s good at spotting disorders, good luck with it @Duke1

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