The elusive strech

Hi all. Just a question…the specs:
Black widow photo at about 90 days from sprout, skywalker o g photo about 55 days. Ffof soil and nutes. 3 x3 tent, hlg 240 quad light, 5 gal fab pots, temps 65 to 75f, rh 55 to 65%.
Been growin about a year and a half, got a bunch of good weed in that time but have not been able to get a good strech out of any of the plants.20201106_161853|231x500
My light stays at about 25 in away from plants. Light is dimmable but i keep it maxed. Maybe i should have it adjusted? The sky o g in the forground was just put into 12/12 abut 4 days ago. I would like to get some height on my plants always seem to come out short and bushy.Uploading: 20201106_161853.jpg…

I grow mine short and bushy (on purpose) and do accomplish that with lots of light. Turn your lighting down and move the light away a bit to encourage stretching. There’s nothing wrong with having a light be several feet above your canopy. It’s best to encourage the plants to stretch out during veg, though you can get some additional stretch during the first few weeks in flowering. Keep in mind though that you want as much light as possible on your flowering girls.

The Skywalker OG says uploading…but no pic. Mine is such an ugly runt at twelve weeks since cloning so I would love to compare mine to yours. Thanks!

Light spectrum has an affect on stretch and node distances and these newer LEDs are so dialed in it’s hard to get tall skinny plants. Plus genetics plays a role in the shape of a plant and why different training is recommended by breeders according to strains

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Heres a pic

The sky o g is in front

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Okay let me clarify a couple things here

First off yes light intensity and spectrum do effect plant Morphology.

Secondly talking about height means nothing, learn to speak in DLI, daily light interval.

If you want stretch reduce strength to increase node spacing.

Looks good bro I’d lower your light a bit looks kinD of stunted imo for veg period. I’m growing some skywalkers too but I only vegged 2 weeks topped after 1 left heal 1 them flipped these girls are 2 1/2 weeks after the flip reference for height growth


OMG your Skywalker OG is gorgeous! I just upgraded mine from a two liter to a one gallon bag. Maybe she will take off! She also came to me with some weird round leaves. Definitely some kind of stress going on before I got her.

My sour diesel was another dwarf but new growth is looking good.

My GG4 is getting brown tips and I am not adding even adding any nutrients!

The other two, golden goat and bordelio, are doing best. Especially the bordelio-getting nice and bushy.

My first grow so I am going to switch to bloom once I have viable clones from each.

I am not looking for a gigantic harvest. Maybe after three or four cycles I’ll have everything working better.

Best wishes to you!