The difference in soil


This could be a great informational post! Could you please give alittle more insight on the different soil types, what you noticed between the two. It’s amazing the end result of starting with a good’healthy soil. Thank you for sharing. Happy growing…

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Hey, I’m new to site and having trouble posting. My story didn’t print with photo.
So here’s the difference, 3 in Fox Farns Ocean Forrest soil in 10 gal. fabric pots. 2 in Miracle grow and top soil mix in 3 gal. plastic pots.1 in MG died and you can see the other about 12 inches tall and not growing.using 1 400 watt metal halide/ HPS light, grow will be 2 months old next week. My first grow since the 70’s. I normall grow super hot peppers and have 1 type I’m going to get tested for the worlds hottest pepper soon.
Thanks for the interest.


The results speak for themselves! I remember seeing the FF soils at a garden shop some years ago and wondered who would pay that for a bag of soil. Now I use FF CocoLoco, Happy Frog, and Ocean I am one of ‘those’ people.

The hot pepper thing sounds amazing! I listened to a short audio book at Audible last year on the hot pepper world. Man, what a cut throat competition. I had no idea the intensity of people and their pepper grows. Best wishes to peeling the top layer of hide off your tongue down to your anus! My husband is always on the look for that particular pleasure. Me? I will just stick with the old Hatch medium hot green chilis grown in our state. :rofl:


No pics to make soil assessments. Which is working the best for you?

Sorry mate. Tbone hasn’t been around for 2 years.