The colloidal silver talk

I’m down to my last seed and times have made my pockets temporarily tight.
I happen to have 30 PPM cordial silver sitting around and one of my plants is starting to pre flower or has pre-flowered it has little hairs but it hasn’t stretched out yet.(Gorilla auto)
Simple questions lol.
when does one apply colloidal silver?
On what plant structures does it need application?
(Leaves, branches, leaf nodes?)
Finally method of application q-tip sprayer?
I’d ideally like to retain any branch (experimentation with later on) not treated and my LST has given me a branch with three uprights sticking way off to the side.
Any help would be awesome I’m thinking about beginning treatment today.
And how long?

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Here are several threads with info.
Perhaps one of them will help you.

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I applied CS at 25ppm on a clone that was showing it’s sex. I did this for two weeks.

So far it’s been a success.


Another way of saving money would be to clone your plants. This is actually quite easy and by cutting the “mother” you will stimulate her growth. Clones can themselves become very large plants (I had one that grew 12’).

That’s her in the middle.

The three plants out front are the 3 sisters. Clones from the same plant. The one in the middle is Tammy. I manipulated her to see if I could increase my yield (again, more bang for your buck) and she gave me almost 50% more than her sisters.

Still a beginner using autoflowers clones aren’t really a auto thing I don’t think.

Also does the branch in question look ready for application?

Everything I’m doing is on a White Widow photo. I don’t do autos because I have yet to get a nice sized plant from them.

I’m new to this and I’d probably do things a little different next time. I sprayed the plant at it’s nodes. Right on the sexy bits. Next time I plan on applying the CS with a small brush.

So, this is what to do to make feminized seeds. Take several clones (I took 4 for my go) from the same plant. This is important to decrease the risk of producing hermaphroditic seeds. I let mine grow for about one and half months. Place the clone(s) that you’ve chosen to produce seeds into flower. Treat some of the plants with CS ( I did 3). After two weeks, place the treated clones into flower. I extended the treatment time on the other two and I think I killed them. Now that I know 2 weeks is long enough, I’ll do that next time. Live and learn.

Another way is to treat a branch of a plant. That plant will then be used to fertilize itself.


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