The Clown trys burble with a ILGM Blue Dream "Non-HLG Grow ,caution is advised"

A ILGM Blue Dream “Clown killed-it on the pruning”



That blue dream looks yummy . Nice pile of buds .

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That’s why I started growing, I was never able to get buds like these. Plus the hydroponic thing is kind of fun :clown_face:


Holy crap. That is a lot of blue dream.

How many plants did you have to get that yield?

What was your setup \ overall experience?

I am looking to do my first ever grow and blue dream is what im going to start with as well. Any advice or a grow journal would be so awesome!

Nice work @boardsbird … that’s a killer yield!

That was one ILGM Blue Dream Photo fem planted 6/1 in a DWC started flowering on 7/26 and cut on 9/21, 52 day flower on a 113 day grow “WARNING STONER MATH!” You should look into getting a Horticultural Lighting Group light and learn how to best prune you plants. “Its hard you really cut a lot of you plant/baby :kissing_heart: off”
Your in the right place, people are extremely nice here “Never seen an argument” Start a grow journal and let every help you.
OH don’t do what I do i’m a Clown :clown_face:

I am for sure looking at HLG lights…

I have my setup listed in a different thread, or rather… what I intend to buy once I pull the trigger lol.

Do you know what your total yield was ??

Im looking at doing a 3’x3’x80"(6.6ft) grow with a HLG 260 Watt XW with the ILGM blue dream.

How big did the 1 plant get? I am trying to fit 3 5 gallon fabric grow bags in the tent but unsure if that is realistic or not.

Thanks for the reply and the advice!

I use that same size tent for starts , mines maybe 32"x32". I’ll have them in 5 gal buckets so I think a 3.5 gal would work fine. “Be glad you got the tall tent you’ll see why when you plant makes you use it”
Learn PH what and why if you don’t already know, PPM’s too. Find out as much about how to prune them as you can. "I cant tell you magically how, I cut a lot off to only get tops and I really really really don’t want you to try and mess your plant up. You’ll see after you first harvest what buds just disappear when you dry them and can adjust from there.
Everyone has little tricks they use to germinate seed they will tell you when your ready. With the setup you said it should be a piece of cake to grow a plant you can be proud of :clown_face:
I can barely wait