The Blue Haze Adventure (ILGM seeds)

For the record - (because this time I want an accurate start date) the seeds were put in media on THANKSGIVING MORNING 2018 right around ten AM eastern standard time

This is the day after - and both (2) blue haze seeds have put out small white tails. The Amnesia Haze seed I included has done nothing yet - but is in good shape still. They are in 1 cm (1/2 inch) of starting mix in a covered 12" glass pie pan because I do not trust paper towels not to have chems in them that could mess up my seeds, like bonding agents, bleaches, etc…

May you be so lucky as to have a glass lid for a thing like that - they work excellently as sprouting domes

But the official start of this grow is T-Day 2018

Blue Haze seeds are Feminized

Amnesia Haze seed is Feminized and Auto Flower

the BH is a recent order, the AH was a while back but the seed ought to still be viable

~Ciao 4 now, FF

PS: Yes Mon! We are back on the track… As a matter of fact I just finished readying “Frankenstoners Laboratory” for this next attempt using a double layer of space blankets for light security