The April 15 that wasn't

Just wanted to say hello to all of the CPA’s, enrolled agents, paid preparers and every one else that has to deal with what was the normal tax filing date. This season must be even worse than normal. Thankfully, I hung it up last year. After 40+ years of IRC, FASB, GAAP, regulations upon regulations etc etc I cried uncle. No More. I think I am the happiest f…n ex-cpa alive. The unfortunate part is your agony is now extended another 3 months. So I am sending my best wishes to you from the other side. Be safe!


Just finished getting my taxes done last week. When CPA Slid the folder back across the table. He said if you pay this amount. By April 15th. That’s what you pay. But if you wait till July 15th, you’re going to owe this much. So you pay tax On the amount you owe For that extra amount of time So that April 15th, date it’s still there. He basically told me nothing’s free and sent me out the door.

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