THC Meter? What is out there

What is the best meter to test the THC in my plants?

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There’s some testing equipment available that supposedly measures thc content. Most of what I’ve seen is several hundred dollars. I don’t believe there’s any meter available to reliably test thc. Short of having a lab test it I don’t believe it would be possible to get a accurate reading. I could be wrong and if I am more than likely someone will let us know.

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I have one but it was a birthday present and yes it was a couple hundred. The only way I’ve been able to rest accuracy is to test the same harvest over a few weeks. When I did that I found the small error to be acceptable for my personal use. Otis called tChecks. I also used Cana lyrics but it was a real pia and the results were not repeatable, plus the supplies expensive.

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My understanding is there are a few in the market but they don’t work. You can send your “hemp “ plant to several different labs and they will test it for you. Cost around $65.00 to $85.00. Check the web. I’ve used a couple different ones. Call around and check pricing. Some of them are real nice to talk to and helpful.

I respectfully disagree all the home tests I have performed worked as advertised. The results I got from the tests all made sense and were repeatable.

The home test you performed? Did that entail just firing one up? I’m not being a smart as I’ve just read that the home kits are worthless. You can believe EVERYTHING on the internet right? Seriously would like to know which kit you used. Thanks.

I own a tCheck and will be using it today to test my latest harvest. I also own a canalytics kit. As I stated earlier both work. The canalytics is a pia to use and leaves a lot to interpretation but it does work. I ran samples with both using the same product, not the same sample because they are consumed in the test, and they were close enough to being the same for a home test. Neither is a several thousand dollar test but work for me. And yea, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Sometimes you have to pony up the $ to find out for yourself.