THC content in finished product

How do you have your nugs tested for thc content?

I don’t use it but someone here did or does. Maybe someone will know who or they will see this. :man_shrugging:

Anyways there is an item you can google called “t check” it’s an at home thc potency tester.

Ok thanks.

$420 what a coincidence. Seems a little pricey. I think I’ll just keep doing it the old fashioned way, smoke a joint.


You might see if there are labs in your area you can take a sample to. I think it’s about $50 for a simple THC test here.

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50$ a sample = 8 plants = 400$

If the t-check is as good as they claim it basically pays for itself very fast. Definitely pricey upfront but would definitely save in the long run imo.

I personally like the smoke a joint one lol. It’s effective and cheap!


That was the same mindset I had @RileyRae It’d be nice to know, but not $400 nice!

I’ll just sample. :crazy_face:


If your trying to breed or do closely contolled experiments I can see the value in all sorts of lab testing. Otherwise I would agree. The twist one and smoke it test is plenty accurate for the price


I use a T-Check sis but nothing beats the buzz test :laughing::laughing::love_you_gesture:


If you can attend any cannabis convention, like NECANN, there is usually one vendor offering potency testing


I live in an unfriendly state so I try not to put it out there very much. The toke test works good enough, at the end of the day that’s all that really matters I guess…


Works every time!!!

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Ya the DO it or DONT it get me high test is the one i use.

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For information purposes only, have never used them

Tcheck is what i use