Thank you to everyone

I just wanted to post this because this community has helped me more than any other forum community for any other thing I’ve posted on. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. It’s nice to post a question and not have everyone completely pick apart your fudging English, grammar, and all the other dumb shit they want to comment on and then completely not even answer your question.

So thank you again and this is for sure the best growers resource there is I personally have found.


You’re welcome glad we could all help as a community!
Please watch the profanity… :wink:


I think alot has to do with the demographic, there is a older more mature crowd. I know I will get some backlash from that comment. The last time I said that I got the “how do you know”. My response it’s easy when everybody has there hands in there pics.


Even the ones who aren’t older are more mature for the most part. There’s a lot less drama and bickering here than other forums I’ve used and the vast majority of social media.

Also I have old hands. :laughing:


Last time I said that they said there’s lots of youngsters" exact words. I was like the fact you said youngsters… Case closed.


:joy: True story.


It is one of the best forums I have ever been on. Rapid response, interested and kind people. When I endurance raced my Arabians I was on a forum for that. Oh lordy! It seemed like every single newbie was crucified on there. Just because they were new to racing didn’t mean they were new to horses. It was downright brutal.

But the advice here seems sounder than other forums. If I am totally unsure I will cross reference across the net but have never been let down here.


This is a great place. From day one i was welcomed and treated with respect. If your willing to listen and put your ego aside, everyone will learn alot. Also, tbe mods do a great job keeping everyone civil. Glad your here and look forward to your grows. BTW, ive been awol for awhile but used to be on here all the time.


Great growing forum. There those growers here that have so much knowledge and are willing to pass it down to anyone that has a question. There are no dumb questions;;;we all seek answers to the entire grow, from start to finish… this hit for you :rofl: :bat:


+1, I’m new too but this is a great community, is this what it would be like if the world was legal?


Probably lol

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