Thank You ILGM Forum!

I just wanted to thank everyone for being here! I’ve only been here a few weeks and the amount of love I see being passed around is truly amazing. In a world where violence and hate seem to rule, it’s refreshing to see a group of like minded people get together and share their thoughts and wisdom with others. While people may disagree on certain issues, I’ve yet to see any hate or name calling in this forum. A simple “agree to disagree” is usually as far as it goes. I’m a newcomer to growing and have asked a lot of questions. Some have probably been asked a hundred times before, some were probably stupid or obvious questions, but no one ever gave me a hard time and always offered help and encouragement. I feel like I’m among friends here. Mad respect ILGM Forum! The rest of the world could learn a bit just from spending some time with you amazing people.



True that!

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Yeah boyyyy, welcome ") ILGM is genuinely the best forum I’ve ever found on any topic, properly lovely people. And we’re all in the same boat so it’s easy to bond


That’s cause we are all medicated lol. But seriously great group of people here.


Grand bunch of folk in this here forum! Wise and knowledgeable minds. Glad to be a part.

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i agree

glad i found this place

thank you everyone for making this just right


I get to the help part but my thumbs get tired right before the encouragement part lol😜


Like many ppl I Never even thought I could grow at all,now in hoping for my third successfull harvest!:cowboy_hat_face:.All thanks to this place.Heck,I been smoking since I was 16,and im 46 now and never even heard of a feminized seed.So much you can learn here!


Yeah; in general this is a good group of people. Very helpful and. …polite! is the word I was searching for! Respectful of people’s personal dignity. There are no stupid questions.

But like I told someone else recently (@rodri59), you have to be bughouse crazy to be doing this lol.


:crazy_face: :speaking_head::cow::pig_nose: :dancing_women: :ear::ear_of_rice::face_with_raised_eyebrow::octopus::stuck_out_tongue::black_large_square::rabbit::sake::tada::vampire::boxing_glove::yellow_heart::zebra:

Flattery will get you most places @Myfriendis410 :heavy_heart_exclamation: