Temps and Light

I sprouted 2 Tangie seeds, each in a 4" plastic pot. I have put together a grow room in my somewhat heated basement. The grow room is 2’X5’. I have two Maxisun PB10000 LEG grow lights, one over each sprout, about 18" above each pot. So far, I have not added fan and charcoal filter, until they are large enough to smell up our house above the partial basement. My issues is temperature. My LED grow lights are on for 18 hours, off for 6 hours, and I am monitoring the temperature in the grow room. Daytime temps are reliably at 72-73 degrees F, but night time temps bottom out at 58-59 degrees F. Is this too cold for post sprout growing?

My alternatives are to put the sprouts in our greenhouse, which tops out at around 80 degrees daily, but sometimes gets as cold as the mid-40s at night, or do I put them in a south facing window for now? Our house never gets under 68 degrees, but rarely over 72 degrees these days. The disadvantage to greenhouse or south facing window is that the days are short in early March, nowhere near the 18 hours suggested. Which is best? TIA.

Consider going to a 6/2 light schedule to balance out the heat. Works great through veg or all the way through the grow if you have autoflowers.

Those temps are too low. Need a heater that will keep the area at a decent temp in the day and when the lights go off.