Synthetic weed kills

I just read an article that stated in Illinois a couple of people have had life threatening reactions to synthetic weed. Another win for the FDA. People are gonna smoke any shit they can get. I don’t read any news that says cannibis causes any harm. I blame alot of this on our piss poor policies regarding cannibis legality. What do you think?

Make sure to check your PH and adjust if necessary.


I think people need to stay away from that synthetic weed whether it’s legal or not. I spent abbout 6 mos. smoking that crap in 2011 and everytime it was a bad experience and it wasn’t near as bad then as it is now . I’m so hard headed that it took me six months to return to weed because of drug test but I finally did. I’m sure most people on here don’t mess with synthetic because they are growers but consumer beware: THAT STUFF KILLS!!


Hey @TDubWilly. Where is the post with your scrog set up?

That’s a sad story. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to make sure not to get any of those. I still love my life and my wife :smiley:


This one?

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Damn strait, that one! You should start a portfolio and travel and do consulting work. Start here.

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I pulled a 1 branch off of it last night. I looked at the plant afterwards and it looked like nothing had been harvested off of it lol :v:


@Happy_Pappy It’s called Marinol and I demanded it when I had chemo. The Dr told me, and you’d best better sit down, “you will become addicted to it if you use it” It is in capsule form and the government grows the weed (G13) then processes it to make medicine some how. When she said that I just started laughing and told her ‘I know more about marijuana than you will ever know in a life time, now please prescribe it’ She did and never said another word. Believe me it was better than the obnoxious medicine she wanted me to take.


I’d like to see a few photos of whole Frances compared to hand size if you take any.

Addicted? Oh, okay.

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I’ll see if I can’t take more pics tonight butt this is all I have right now lol. Here is the same branch next to a 2x4, about the width of a hand


Down right outrageous. It’s a wonder you like Mohammed. “I am the greatest!”

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@Happy_Pappy that stuff is not weed at all. No THC or anything natural in it. Most of it is bath salts. No such thing yet as “synthetic” cannabis. The government stuff is actual Cannabis. That synthetic junk has caused several deaths mostly from people losing their minds and killing themselves or someone else. I know from personal experience if you get too high on pot most of the time you fall asleep.


Or worse, you call Domino’s.

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@OldSkunk G13 is the government strain. Very rarely it will be listed in some ones genetics. I am thinking and probably wrong that Cindy 99 and the other pre-Cindy 99.

You in Illinois, or just dropping in on our news?

How have you been sweet lady? @highcountrygal

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It’s very good stuff no doubt. The VA where I’m at won’t prescribe it. I asked. They would rather prescribe opiates.

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@Happy_Pappy High! and you? Busy, busy and busy. Taking care of my 20 babies all in different stages and all with different feeding schedules! Keeps me on my best behavior! I love your morning thinkers! Keep um comin’.

@OldSkunk No kidding they wanted me to take this chemical to stop nausea, I flat out refused. My brother was amazed I got what I wanted! The Marinol realy did help.