Switching to hydroponics and have a few questions

So I’m maki g the switch to hydroponics system and have some questions that I need some help with. I just finished assembling the current culture UC8XL system. With the system, I also installed a 55 gallon top of resovoir and have a bluelab ppm/temp/oh meter that will be installed also. My question is

  1. When filling system for 1st time, am I filling the top of res and letting that fill the epicenter or do I fill the whole system (each bucket) and just use the top of res to… well top off the system.
  2. After system is up and running and I need to add nutes and supplements do I do that at the epicenter or the top off res? I assume everything would be done through the top of res, but how do I know when to add nutes. Let’s say I add my bloom nutes to top off res, how do I know when it’s time to add bloom nutes again? How do I know the bloom nutes have been used up? With soil there was a water, water feed schedule. But with hydrop, I add nutes to tons of water, it would seem those nutes are never used up? And if I want to add a suppliments of some king like mammoth or golden tree, do I just put that in with the nutes in the top off res and just let everything circulate?

I hope that made sense, not easy to describe but any help is always appreciated!!

Thanks again

if all are connected topping off any should adjust all so it can be filled anywhere but most mixing or top offs will be in epicentre changes should be every 10-14 days this means flushing system out and adding fresh nutrients.
Much like soil plants take what they want and leave other things behind this leads to excesses or toxicity issues if res is not changed out frequently.
I do 10 day changes which seem to give me best results and top off and adjust as needed through that time


Jealous of 55 gal.

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lol you are only jealous because you don’t know how much nutrients each change will be trust me they can get costly to run big systems it’s when you start buying nutrients by Gallons not Litres and you need big yields to justify costs

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I have a ebb and flow system with 5 gal. pots. I have a 55 gal. barrel and since I only have 4 plants on the system right now I’m using 30 gals. to run the system allowing the level to drop two inches a day. I monitor the ph and ppm’s and if the ppm’s rise I’ll add just water to bring it down to where I want it. If I need to add water with nutes I mix four gals. into a bucket with all nutes and adjust the ph and ppm’s to where I want it and add to the barrel. I keep records of the depth in the barrel so when I add the 30 gals I have about 17" deep. When I see the depth at 11" I know it’s time to add the four gals. I empty the barrel if the schedule calls for a change in nutes or 10-14 days pass. As far as yield goes I’ve been getting over a pound a plant and hoping for a pound and a half from the one I just harvested.
Here’s a picture taken recently.



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Hi @NTMAREMACH im planing on running 12 x5 gal buckets in a ebb n flow with a 5 gal control tank and a 66 gal reservoir do you think this could work? Im going to leave 6inches of water in each bucket during the drain period with a air stone running constantly theyre all conected with 19mm hose and spaced evenly

@Saffa You’ll probably be fine but will have to keep a close eye on the level dropping as the plants get bigger drinking more water. You don’t want to run dry when feeding. I measure the depth in the barrel daily and record it. I also check how much water is above the pump located in the barrel when the system is full giving me an idea on how low the level can get before adding to it. I would experiment first and run the 12 pots with nothing in them and have the reservoir full and see what the levels are when the system is full and empty.


Cool il do that im thinking of 4 flood cycles per 24hr and leave it flooded for 1/2hour per cycle in using hydrton as my medium @NTMAREMACH

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@NTMAREMACH sorry about all the questions.if u dont mind me asking what strain is the closest 1 in the pic? Its huge

That one is Chronic Widow and it’s still a month away from harvest. So far one of my favorites.

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Looks amazing :ok_hand: Im just raising a incedible bulk mother to take clones off cant wait to see them in action its skunk#1 /big bud/ green light. Do you know the sq m yield for chronic widow?