Switching to flower and hermies

Hey everyone!
Should I wait till my girls have noticeable pre flowers before I switch?

Do hermies show during flower only? Kinda dumb questions I’m sorry. I started from seed this grow so it’s new to me.

Thank you in advanced.

Hello, If you have the room and patience, then waiting til pre flowers show is good as that means the plant has reached sexual maturity, and it’ll be bigger, so more yield. As long as you have the space and vertical room under the light as they can stretch a lot during flowering.

Hermies only show in flower, usually mid to late flower


Thank you! My girls are about 4 weeks and I swear they are being prude! They are a decent size, topped and LST but NO pre flowers! Hopefully they pop soon! :grinning:

Most strains will show pre flowers around 6 weeks.


I have been wondering about this as well. when to flip.