Switching lights mid grow

I’m currently using a 600w full spec LED fro my grow and just ordered a new 1500w full spec and I’m wondering if switching the lights mid grow would harm the plants? On week 4 of the grow.

Go for it. Your plants will be fine.

Was something wrong with the 600w? 1 plant?
What light did you order?

Good question. There aren’t really any 1500 watt lights out there unless they are burples.

If they are burples (light has a purple hue to it,) then I suggest using both if you are growing more than one plant.


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It was 50% off last week when I got it that’s really the only reason. 600 works fine

The first one is 150 watts


Yes. I would use both lights.


Second one is 60w


Welcome to the community ! If growing cannabis is something you plan on continuing to do , I highly recommend check out HLG lights.
You will get a quality light for a good price that will grow solid buds. Good luck :v: :+1:


I recently had a Vivosun led die midgrow on me and swapped it out with no ill effect. Just be careful of intensity if major upgrade.

During flower I like at least 250 watts. For the price of both lights you could have had 1 good one.

I laugh as we all have extra lights laying around, You will look back one day at all the extra lights and stuff and smile.

If money is an option a 400 watt HPS will grow rock solid buds for a 100 bucks on flea bay. Some of the new LEDs with the 301 diods in the 300 watt range can be found at reasonable prices nowadays.

Wrap it in mylar and hug them buds an I wish you big fat nugs.

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I’m sorry to say, but you’ve fallen victim to the ugly world of light advertisers. Neither of these lights are even close to the output you are claiming they are.

That said, it’s not your fault at all, it’s just that light manufacturers tend to use very misleading advertising. You are looking at something called the HID Equivalent, not the actual lights’ output. The first light is only 150W and the second is 120W. For reference, you’ll want around 325W by final weeks of flower in a 2x4 and around 650W in a 4x4.

From very personal experience, unless budget is really a serious issue for you, I’d stay away far away from cheap Amazon blurples, they are fraught with issues and don’t possess nearly as much longevity as some of the more main stream manufacturers. The outcome of shopping for cheap lights is a lot like shopping for a cheap tattoo — you’re gonna be stuck with an expensive piece of crap you wish you would have waited on.

Again, experiences may vary, but light is (arguably) the single most important aspect of a grow. Definitely get quality ones if you’ve already invested time and money in this hobby, you’ll thank yourself down the line.


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I just did a complete tent swap today. I hoping for no ill effects from it. I pretty much combined what i had in two smaller tents to one larger tent. This should give me better coverage and over all more efficient use of my grow space. So power wise i have a vivosun 100 watt led, along with my 300 and 600 watt carambola leds. Not sure if this is really enough for the whole tent, but it checked good under my photone app.


120W according to Amazon’s description.

I switched them and got light burn real bad, I ended up switching back. I have my plants in a 2x2x4 currently and just ordered a 4x2x5 so I can have more distance from the plants.