Sweet Zkittlez & Strawnana qb autopot coco scrog 2x2

2x Sweet Zkittlez
1x Strawberry Banana (fast genetics)

Germination in click & grow
2x2x6 area
2x autopots with airdomes
60% coco 40% perlite
Canna Coco line
135w hlg qb

1 week old

Already have a struggle Zkittlez who definitely not making it into the autopots.


@Not2SureYet @Nicky any advice?


Thanks for the tag @Myfriendis410 looks like he’s not into the autopots just yet.

@PistilPete welcome to the forums and thus the community! You have a neat looking little germination thing there “click and grow 3” has a tiny little 8w light, the advertising looks good but that light is unfortunately very weak and cannabis is the most light hungry plant your going to find…although I don’t know how bamboo stacks up against cannabis to be honest…

Looks like some sort of rapid rooter hydro starter @dbrn32 knows the real name of them.

Anyways plants are young and I would soak another seed now as I’m sure the middle one just isn’t worth your hassle for the next X amount of months.
They are looking a little more leggy than I prefer and that has to do with the lighting so why not put your HLG hanging over top?
Also do you have a fan blowing a light breeze on them? That should make them toughen up.

I’m following along so keep at it, just soak another seed, hang your HLG above it and give them a light breeze.

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That’s what they’re called. Similar to Aero Garden.

Plants leaning to center is probably a little low on light intensity. What else is going on?

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Thanks for the warm welcome fellas @Myfriendis410 @Nicky @dbrn32

Thinking about dropping another seed, but I’m only planning to let 2 into the flower room, so think I might just let the runt live for as long as it can in the veg room for fun.

I have 8x 10w T5 LEDs coming in the next 2 days. As well as 1 gallon smart pots to transplant them and 120mm fans for circulation. Going to set them up in this veg cabinet soon as it arrives and start LST without topping. Or is it a proven fact that topping is the way to go?

Haven’t setup the 2x2 tent yet. Doing a DIY closet grow tent using panda film to wrap the area.

Looking to make bubble hash from fresh frozen and press into live rosin at the end.

Equipment list

  • Polyester net 3.5" mesh squares
  • 2x 8.5L autopots
  • Hydroton to cover the bottom of the pots
  • Hagen Marina 200 Air Pump for the reservoir
  • Humidity and temperature controller
  • Ecowitt Wi-Fi Weather Station with Multi-Channel Temperature/Humidity Sensor and Soil humidity tester to track temps, humidity and soil humidity over time

I’m having hard time understanding why you wouldn’t just move them into the 2x2 with the 135 kit?


I think the little one will surprise you. Mine was about that small at 3 weeks old. Once it hit pre flower it really stretched. I thought it would stay small and skipped the scrog. I ended up with a tall plant. And it was topped. If you are planning on getting 2 plants under a 2x2 scrog. I am going to have to just watch. I can barely get one plant in a 2x2 area. My txl would touch all 4 walls if it were in a 3x3 tent. Not all my plants are like that. But very few would not fill a 2x2 top on their own. The 135 light is a nice one. I have a pair of those. Handy lights to have around

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Ok so I listened to the pros and setup the qb today. Got them at 30" away, too far?

Autopots arrive in 2 days I’ll transplant them directly into the 8.5L pots right away

@Not2SureYet so I’m trying to fit 2 into the 2x2 because I want to try different genetics. My thought is less time in veg mode by running 2 plants. Any downsides to this approach?


Actually. I was thinking you were doing autos. How ever. It may be tight trying to keep each in a 1x2 area. If there is any one that can tell you how to do it. It would be @MattyBear. He has space management down solid.


I would strongly suggest you get abtoher 2x2 or get a 2x4 (as tall as you can) then use your 2x2 to start seeds next time when your a week or two before harvest.
Each plant needs at least 2x2x5.

Glad you set up the tent and the qb board.
30" is a bit far try 22" maybe.
In all honesty height is the worst gauge of how to hang a light your better of getting a LUX meter on your phone and dialing it according to HLG’s lux to PPFD conversion calculator (google it, also has a guide for how much you should be getting depending on the lifestsge of the plant).


I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind :v:

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Beat me to it brother :v:
I’m on the taggin wagon also


6 days
Thanks for tagging along @repins12 @Enlightened420

Lowered to 22" as per @Nicky recommendation
PPFD ~260
DLI ~22 @ 24 hour light cycle
Humidity ~55
Temps ~24
No nutrients yet, just the click & grow smart soil that waters itself with a wick system


@PistilPete hey man looking good, I’m happy to see you took the advice and did the homework on the DLI etc. Shows your going to be successful and have great improvement over the next year or two as you learn to be an experienced grower.

I suggest a 20/4 light scedule with autos, so you may want to drop your light a bit more to increase your DLI.

If you can bump that humidity up do.

A strong suggestion is downloading this and printing it, then laminate it and store it in your grow room.
Learn about VPD and try to keep it ideal, or closest to. Very hard to nail it but the closer you are the better the plants will grow.
If you don’t have a temperature controller I suggest you get one (I have a duel rh/temp but it’s a bit more pricey, worth it though)

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@Nicky thanks for all the advice and that chart brother. Never seen that before I like it. The seeds are feminized photo seeds, no autoflower. Also I have the temp and rh controller, got conditions stable at 25c and 70rh

Day 9 update:
Plants struggling, the click & grow experiment has been a failure. Plants are overwatered, so I removed the water from the res and am hand watering now. But they’ve looked like this for 2 days now. Any chance they’ll perk back up?
Looking to transplant into the autopots and into coco. Should I let them get better first or just go ahead and transplant as is?
Funny that the runt may turn out to be the healthiest in the end lol


Transplant int autopots and hand water.
Use 70/30 coco perlite

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Transplanted to autopots 70/30
Strawnana recovered nicely, while the zkittlez is still struggling.
About to swap out the struggling zkittlez for the zkittlez runt that is finally starting to take off. @Nicky what you think?
I’ll put the struggle Zkittlez into a 1 gallon smart pot and see how it performs
Added canna nutes at ~500ppm and 5.8ph


Do you have a spare autopot?
Can you go pick one up from your hydro store?

I would suggest getting two spairs this way you can put the other plant in it and keep top watering for now until you make a decision, also when your two are about ready for harvest you can have already started your next two in the pots…

Soinds like you did a good feed, feed everytime don’t just water unless you are stuck in a lockout.

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No spare autopots, I decided to swap out the zkittlez. The little one coming on strong and the other one keep looking sickly.

I didn’t buffer the coco (canna) with calmag or pH.
Mixed 30% perlite, then hydrated it with tap water (~200ppm). Also forgot to layer the bottom with hydroton.

Calmag is part of the feed with canna nutrients

Day 12


Ignore the clay pebbles and the hydro dome in the bottom, or even better do a side by side test next time with the same genetics.
Sounds like there ain’t much of a difference.
I run straight coco 70/40 perlite and Mykos after what I could find in following big threads and experienced auto growers or side by side tests.
Makes things easier to!

Definitely buffer your coco though! That might have been your downfall.
I take mine and mix up a 4-500 tds feed (that includes cal mag) which I will feed until plants are 3 weeks old, I PH it to 5.8 and I soak it a day before by just watering the pots while they sit in the trays as if a plants inside them.
Good to go.