Surviving Heat Wave?

Anyone have tips on how to help the girls stay healthy during several weeks of extreme heat? Temps have been and will be 104+. The girls are big & beautiful, several different strains growing in soil. I have access to water both top & bottom. Is there anything I can do that would help them stay healthy through this heatwave?

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Water water and more water early or as the sun goes down sorry that’s all I can help you with maybe some shade if you can do that


I was coming JUST to ask that. Guess they’ll be waiting another 1.5-2 hours for that drink! :joy::rofl:

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Yup! I have my girls in 20gl white canvas growbags. With a soil mix that drains well & dries fast. They sit in plastic pools where I keep them watered mostly at the bottom. I used this system for my Tomatoes and they grew a healthy 11+ feet tall, with a wingspan to match. It has worked just as well with these girls. So keeping lots of water on them is easy. Lately they ask me several times a day for some. I am not a beginner. But I am not a pro. This system is fantastic and will give an average of 25% more yield easily. Probably more if applied by a skilled grower. I was hoping that I could learn about any nutrients or suppliments that they might like in this 100+ heat. Thanks for any & all tips y’all send my way. Stay cool everyone.


First off Roll Tide Roll and what I would say is water water water water or somehow someway add shade and water water water. I’m an inside grower but would assume with the heat give them as much water as they want. If you have time post a few pics of your babies and happy growing to you.

Roll Tide Roll

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A living soil with Mycorrhizal additions help the plants uptake water in extreme heat when the stomata are more prone to close and slow down transpiration as the plants are trying to protect themselves from the environmental stresses. I personally use EM1 product in my watering schedule which has many beneficial microorganisms. Hope that helps…

Thank you for your input. I am open to any suggestions or ideas that help me learn. It is always very hot here, but it’s been a few years since we have seen these numbers. I have managed to keep my Tomato plants alive in this extreme heat. I t has been 100 on average for 3 weeks, with week+ of 105 to 110. I am going to look into the M1 product. It could be a good addition to the system I use.

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These are (not mine! :grin:) outside in DWC. Buckets are white, and wrapped in reflective material, and miraculously, if the black tops stay out of the sun, the reservoir doesn’t get too warm. They get about a gallon a day of ph’d water with dry general hydroponics nutrients. Plants are under green (70%?) shade cloth, mostly. Some exposed parts on Gold Leaf got ToASTED! Didn’t happen to the White Widow.

Tomatoes and peppers are positioned for shade in the afternoon.

As stated; water daily, protect them from the direct sun as much as possible. You could give them a dose of Superthrive and Armor Si is also beneficial.

EM1 is effective microorganisms. you need to culture the product to use it. takes about a week before its ready for application

water…water and more water. maybe you buy this onez-Oslo_natur_840x472

I’m a rookie grower based in the South Africa, doing my second try of growing (outdoors).
I had a lot of airy/popcorn buds in my 1st try, I was told due to a high temperatures during flowering - these were sativa/indica crosses
Temperatures where I’m @ climb from 78.8 degrees to 89.6 between 10h00 and 17h00 from now, October till April (veg and flowering time)
Question 1 - If I use shade netting, does it need to be permanently on, or can I cover only during those heat spells.

  • Question 2 - If I mist, do I need to have the mist permanently on during those heat spells.
  • Question 3 - If I manually spray water daily before and after heat spells, will that be sufficient without the shade netting or mister.

P.S. I’ll be growing a mix of sativa/indica crosses (Blue Dream mixes) and Indica dominant crosses - Thanks in advance

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I have successfully used shade cloth here in SoCal where we have incredibly hot summers. Hit 117 deg F this summer at one point. I bought a 40% shade cloth and left it up the whole time but I raised the net high enough that they received full morning and evening sun. I would foliar feed, pest spray them etc in the morning and if it was a really hot day I would mist the air around the plants and hose down the pots to cool the roots as they were not planted in the ground. The buds turned out fairly dense but if I had to do it again I would get 20% shade cloth instead and semi bury the pots in the ground to keep the roots cooler. Are you growing in pots or directly in the ground?

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Hey Thanks for the response

Much appreciated

I am growing in the ground.

I leave them open to full sun until about 11AM depending on when the temperature goes above 78.8.

Then I light spray them to bring temperature down. Then cover with about 80% shade

My worry with that I’m giving them too much water and not enough sun because of the shade netting. Will definately change to 20%.

How much water are you feeding during flowering? When is too much


P.S. I am about a month and a bit into flower, not sure how that should change my activities

I realize this post is kinda old @hangthebanksters has it right. In my eyes a living soil will beat a regular potting soil every time. I had two plants survive the hot and humid summers of Missouri with no problems just by adding Epsom Salt and Kelp meal and some beneficials. The micro organisms will do wonders for your plants.

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