Surely lil flowers!

Hi guys, this is my first grow and just need some confirmation that these are indeed little flowers coming through? I’m on week 6 but repeated 2 veg weeks so does that makes it week 8?
My mate said he doesn’t think it’s flowers, just more sets of leaves coming through. I’m convinced they are buds because of the look and timing.
There are also some brown tips! The plant in general looks healthy and is the only 1 of 6 in the tent with the brown tips.


They look beautiful to me, and yes those little hairy white things are flowers/buds. When they are at that stage I call them hedgehogs lol they kinda look like one to me


Thank you kindly @MeEasy.


Happy plant early flower stage.


I’m nervous but excited at the same time. I think I look at the numbers too much. I lose sleep if the RH is 60% lol Desperate to get these guys to the finish line.


Your plants look good ,Yeah I start looking at the RH more serious when the plants get into the full bud stage. That’s when I crank exhaust fan up a little more. keep a couple of circulating fans going. The last thing you want to do after you’ve worked hard end up with mold or Bud rot. Good luck

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