Sure, but not sure.. cal mag deficiency?

Ok I’m back with a serious problem… pretty sure its a cal def… for the tall plant and a mag def starting in the bushy one… i gave 5ml calmag/gal 1/2 g each… Hopefully will fix the problem… going into 7 weeks now, they are flowering maybe i stunted their growth i hope not…
I got home this morning and these leaves didn’t have this appearance when i left yesterday morning… so i haven’t a clue… anyway photos below…tall plant…
Need advise…


I would give it a dose of cal-mag for sure.

Yup. Cal mag plus a tiny amount of Epsom salt

Since you’re not in flower you can also do a Calmag foliar spray at lights out. Just pour some of your mix in a spray bottle. It’ll be more immediate than waiting for it to suck it up from the soil.

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Already been covered. :+1:

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