Supplemental UV-A and IR

Hello, I have a MARS HYDRO FC-E6500 BRIDGELUX 730W that I have been using for about a year and wanted to add MARS HYDRO UR45 LED GROW LIGHT FOR UV & IR lighting. Im having a rough time for some reason understanding the cycle times for an autoflower grow 18-6.

The first issue is the unit has on/off switches for each UV-A and IR which how in the heck can I run a timer individually for each? What if I wanted to run IR all the time and UV for a few hours how in the heck would you do that?

Anyways, reguardless what would a schedule be in “Time” such as I run 7am - 1am 18-6 schedule so what times would I run the light? Or I have read people are just running both UV and IR for 12hours a day with no issues I just want to maxamize the light and not run it if I dont need to. Thanks!


You will have to deal with the light as it is built unless there are dimmers or switches on the device that allow UV and IR to be powered separately. If there are no such feature, then I don’t understand why they might imply that separate control timing might even be possible. I expect the “tips” are there more for marketing than for actual control if no dimmers or switches exist. It’s disappointing, but not uncommon for such products.

Find a pdf of the manual and search it for the words dimmer and switch. I’d be interested to know if the “tips” are even feasible.

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