Super soil questions

I’m trying some peat base super soil. I’m wondering if I should use any mutes or let the plants do their thing they are looking pretty good but don’t want them to stall out. I’ve add some microbes To Two to see if that boosts growth hard to say. I should start keeping journal. Either way I’m curious if you need to add mutes or not.

A super soil has a nutrient rich foundation. Not all soils are equal, and I don’t know enough about your soil to give you a direct answer. You may have to read the plant after a few weeks to keep her from yellowing. If you see deficiencies you’ll have to feed her.

I’m using super soil now. It should work well through all stages of growth. This time around I started to use beastie bloom and will finish cha ching. My plants seems to be responding well to the extra nutrients being used.

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Hmm maybey uvwill try with one bit not the other. I’m using s soil named stepwell super soil.

Just researched that soil. Looks like a quality product. You may still need to add flower boosting nutrients in flower. Just keep an eye out for deficiencies. @Shaungray7

Using a different soil. But now in flowering stage. No nutes just water in 15 gal fabric seems to work fine.
Just started using sucanat and that made buds explode, little high P bat
If good soil you should be good.!!
Like using soil keeps it simple. My tap water is 6.5 so i just let it bubble for a day other then that easy growing

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