Super skunk auto UPDATE ilgm

Not great with the journal still figuring things out lol. :joy:happy growing growmies. Just wanted to share the journey with this lady she at day 51. 16077185191574990950541793886174|375x500 @Covertgrower @Coen3440 @LiesGrows @Dave101 @neofirebird @SKORPION @Oldschool82 @Nicky @anon47338222 and anyone I missed. Toke :up: stay medicated grow ur own

She will be getting selective pruning in a few days shes just about 21 days bloom


Hey @Growcoast.

Plants looking good, keep it up :+1:


@Dave101 what up brother. Hope the days good for ya so far. Winding down myself.

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Looking good!

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