Super Skunk and Gg4

28 days from seed. Build a soil along with lots of other things.


Nice looks like some of ur plants have a nitrogen def coming on

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That’s heat burn. These lack pretty much nothing. I put an extra light in 2 weeks ago and it got too hot so I pulled it out. These have a properly mixed build a soil in the lower half and have showed no sign of burn or deficiency at all. They should have every element they need and they use it at their own pace. I shouldn’t need to add a thing for at least a month after I flower

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The upper half is a mix of coco and perlite and happy frog along with a healthy dose of worm castings . The only issue that’s arised in 30 days was the heat and it only lasted a day but the continued to show scars for another week after I fixed it. 1000 watts goes a long ways on seedling