Super Silver Haze CBD Issues


I’m on my 2nd grow and running into some issues with dying leaves. My runoff was 5.5ph and 1600ppm so I flushed with double my normal amount of water and sledgehammer 2 days ago. This raised my pH to 6.10 and lowered my ppm to 1000.

Using AN Connie line with RO water and CaliMag

Super Silver Haze CBD photo
-Age of plant: 27 days - 1st sign of flower
-Method: Happy Frog w perlite
-Vessels: 3 gallon Plastic pot
-PH and TDS of Water: runoff 6.05ph 1010ppm
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: 6.5ph 900ppm
-Method used to measure PH and TDS: Apera
-Indoor: Custom box 39x25x55"
-Light system: HLG 350R
-Actual wattage draw of lights: 335
-Current Light Schedule 12/12
-Temps; Day, Night: 85
-Humidity; Day, Night: 50
-Ventilation system; Yes, 140cfm exhaust
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: No
-Co2;, No


I believe I would have just watered them with properly ph’d water, and allowed the ppm to lower naturally, instead of flushing all the useful minerals out of the pot. Just my simple opinion.

Happy growing :slight_smile:


Are you saying the pH of 5.5 is fine and not contributing to the issues I’m seeing and saying it’s nute burn? I appreciate the feedback.

Yout PH was low, and your ppm was burning the plant up. The first and most simple action would be to water it with PH 7.0 neutral water. This should bring the PH up and dilute the medium to lower the ppm. It is a step by step learning process. All I am saying that if you have a good soil, it may be better to work the ppm down.

Not sure if that makes sense to you. I hope so. Again; This is a grower’s chice. You make a choice you live and you learn. :smiley:

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I agree with Latewood. I have never flushed a plant. If I start to see nutrient burn I simply water with plain RO water a couple times and its all good.


I made a reply to myself but, actually to you. Yes. I think it is nute burn and could be contributed in part to PHissues.

PH is no. 1 thing that has to be right so the plant has the ability to uptake the minerals it needs to survive. The rest is up to you to not over feed the plant because, the plant will only uptake the amount of nutrients it needs to survive. No matter how much extra you may or may not force upon it.

Less is more unless you see it needs more.

I would probably just ph water it for however long it takes. or to harvest, whichever comes first.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I didn’t realize I was burning as I had much higher ppms on my first grow without ill effects. So I assumed it was a deficiency when I started noticing rust colored spots on my leaves.

Will burning only show on the leaf tips and move toward the stem? Or can nute burn also start within the leaf away from the tip?

I’m thinking that I probably saw a cal/mag deficiency after I started flowering but wasn’t sure so I bumped up all nutes and ended up burning them.

This is my 2nd grow with the first being fairly uneventful and highly successful. So I definitely have a lot to learn and appreciate the help!


Typically on the tips and/or edges first.
Theres always exceptions or unexpected things, but nute burn is pretty consistent.