Super kush auto outdoor

Worst grow iv ever had. Only got 9 grams wet! It was grown outside does that make a difference?


Wow 9grams thats not that good but at least you still have some smoko ,i do indoor grows and i got 5 oz off my last grow there must of been something that you didnt do to ur plant when u were growing it did u do any lst on it or did u just let grow like xmas tree

Just a christmas tree grow. I wasnt very hip on the lst until after it was done. I usually stay away from autos because iv never been able to get more than a half oz of a plant. I was given these for free for buying other seeds so i figured id grow it with my fem seed.

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Yah ok all i grow is autos you need to do lst when u grow indoors or outdoors specially if you want more bud sites and bigger buds and you do this whether you are doin autos or photos also defoliation helps with that aswell

It took me all of 5 minutes to trim this auto. It definitely didnt need any leaves cut off. I have a 12 foot monster that has been lst its self for the whole grow season. That basically how i learned what lst was from replys to my fem grow lol.

Autos are very sensitive in their vegitative growth cycle.

They are a good reflection of how ideal the environment or care is that is being given.

When autos are of good genetics and treated well from seed to harvest a 3 month plant can yeild 9-14 oz

My amnesia haze lady harvest, haven’t weighted it

Oh and that’s bossman he’s always supervising


Got that serious gaurd face going on, DAMN


I feel for you. That’s why I don’t do autos.

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Sometimes yup

@oldmarine once you get good at growing photos start growing one auto at a time until you master them it will make you a better grow Ide bet my whole supply on it


New grower here and I’m doing photos outdoors and autos indoors.

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Iv been growing photos for a few years now with pretty good sucess. One problem i had with the auto is that i didnt give it any nutrients expect banana peel tea.

If they weren’t free i wouldnt have grown them honestly.

I wanna try a couple auto flowers outdoor and see what I get comparatively to my photo period flowers example…