Sunset Paradise (Any places in the US that sell seeds?)

I am only finding European sellers and they wont ship to the US.


Try ILGM. They have always been great for me.


What he saidbut here are others also

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I have had good luck with ILGM seeds


How did you get past the gate keeper here and not see Robert in his white lab coat selling seeds on the corner?

Stoned is an acceptable answer here.

I looked at ILGMs offerings first but that strain is not available through them.

Sadly :disappointed_relieved:

Some of these strains I am learning about and wanting to try availability is limited or non existent for US retailers.

This was just the most recent one.
Swazi Gold is another one I’m having a heck of a time finding.

I have had great luck with ILGM seeds. I have never needed to buy anywhere else. We are covert, and ilgm respects that. We grow for our personal use, not for sale ilgm genetics continue to offer new strains along with the originial high time favorites from the other century.

A free forum teaching the fine arts of growing and seed guarantee. No brainer, home is where the bean grows. Thats here fir now.


I hear ya my friend.

Its got more to do with I am discovering new strains and immediately thinking “Man i want to grow that!” ILGM has been awesome and my Durban auto from them is doing awesome.

I’ve got 3 different strains from ILGM I am already planning to buy.

The interest in the African strains especially hence my screen name has a lot to do with my mom who lived in Zambia from 65 to 79 and grew up around Dagga.


Its funny, have seen you tubes peeps looking for that next strain. You mention Africa, got me to :thinking: thinking. When we went to Kenya, I scored at the Hotel casino and that was yhe bomb, dark brown with seeds, but gotcha very stoned. I was thinking Mevicano #1 dirt weed, just not bricked.

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It was the African strains that got me into this. When I discovered Durban Poison I wanted to try it but no dispenseries around me in CO had it so I found this place and started trying to grow on my own. :slight_smile: