Suggestions please guys

Ok ok guys I know everyone is gonna say hlg or the other favourites but can I please get recommendations on a higher consumption light pretty annoyed with previous harvest so looking for a better and another light

Need more information, what size space, how much you want to spend,

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I am new hear . I am trying LED Lighting for my full grow . Have 3 strains going now at week 5 the tallest 14".

2.5ft by 2.5ft by 6ft tent

Don’t want a blurple but want one with a min watt draw of 200w has to be UK as that’s where I’m based

Imo the best light for a 3x3 would be the Growers Choice ROI-E420 I don’t know if it’s available for you over there
Hlg has a 300 rspec that would be good
If you didn’t want to spend as much
Mars hydro tsw2000
Spider farmer sf2000


Not hlg as shipping is far too high I’ll look at the others but wait for others opinions too

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I plan on upgrading next year (thinking HLG), but this year I’m using the Mars Hydro TSW2000 with good results.


Are you buds nice and dense as I used the ts600 and had 4oz wet dried to just 25.3g with no weed taste or smell so deffo getting a better light

You’ll find the plants will do so much better with a better light. The ones you have will not bring you much joy come harvest.

This was my first Super Skunk harvest. I got about 9 ozs dry. They are nice and dense. Just a slight smell. Good buzz.

Thanks @oldmarine I just made a deal on one of these please let me know if it’s better

@dbrn32 is this ok

I’m not sure, never heard of Paulies Hydro before. Looks like a quantum board knock off though.

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I was gonna to say a rebranded qb.

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So not advised how about a tsw2000 as oldmarine said

Seems I’m gonna need to try get a bargain on a ts2000w I’ve emailed Mars saying that this light is a pile of (insert own words) and said I’d not be recommending or buying from them again unless my issue can be resolved

Maybe check on Facebook Marketplace and see what people have for sale over the Pond. Just a thought. :+1:

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The spider farmer sf2000 would just fit… on Amazon for 300$


Spider farmer has the new bar lights I can’t remember the numbers but they have on designed for a 3x3

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I wanted the tsw but it’s now sold so I’ll keep looking