Suggestions for other plants in tent

This next harvest will be my last of the year, bar maybe a cheeky auto or two :wink:

Was thinking of converting the tent into a nice mini indoor garden display over autumn/winter, still run the light etc.

Any suggestions on plants with the same lifespan/environmental requirements as our beloved cannababies?

Open to flowers or produce as long as they’re pretty and require some maintenance, I like plants that require a bit of tinkering lol.

At the moment ive got some cacti germinating along with alpines and Lupine russels (they’ll be separate tho).

Cheers folks :shamrock:

I’ve grown basil, cilantro, rosemary, peppers, and tomatoes in my tents.


Ill add cilantro to the list have the rest, staples in our house :fork_and_knife:


I’ve had luck with orchids in the grow space. I used to buy the cheap grocery store brand ones for my wife, when I’d go, but she never watered. I saved 2 a year and a half ago that have reveged and flowered twice since. But I had them in with the ladies for like 9mo, feeding them diluted runoff.


Nice ill give them a go too. I give everything my runoff, ladies get priority over all :joy:

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You’ve got some skills to keep and Grow Orchids brother. I’ve had 1 Orchid for 3 years and bloomed once. She’s very healthy just no flowers :love_you_gesture:


Thanks OG. One of them is going ingto their second flower, and the older is growing it’s branches out for the 3rd time. I’ve got a bonzai ficus going as well I’ve had for 7 months. Hope to keep it going for years.


Have you transplanted or fed the orchid I’ve had one of mine 3 years and it blooms all winter in my sun room. The blooms are dying back now., when it’s done I cut off the stalk and repot if necessary should be in a bark mix not soil. They like humidity They like all day bright filtered light. So in winter I leave them beside the window in the hot summer I move them back 3 ft. But facing the same location.

One is ready to be cut and repotted one has been cut and repotted and has new growth starting one is still in full bloom 4 months so far. I mist regularly too.


Appreciate those tips, it’s growing in bark and healthy just no bloom this year :love_you_gesture: