Sucanat feeding with soil

My plants are about 4 weeks into flower(wiakki queen) been adding sucanat to water (soil is sohum) no nutes at all.
Was thinking of adding a co2 for next grow so bought meter.
Well not only have my buds gotten fat the co2 levels are up to about 880- 940 constantly now
So was wondering if it’s the sucanat and off gas from feeding those little guys in soil?


@Tommyboy123 Too much information missing to give a direct answer. Could be, might not be. The biggest question is how much light you have in your space? If it’s too much, yes co2 is justified. If it’s adequate co2 may not make a difference.


No i got light and co2 taken care of. Was wondering if anyone heard of co2 levels going up from using sucanat. Growing in soil and my levels have gone up about 100-150 since watering with sucanat.

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It’s feeding the microorganisms so it’s always a plausible thing. I think the biggest hurdle you have is not too many growers are tracking their co2 PPM levels. (Including myself) so there’s no ability to compare. It’s a cool hypothesis that’s plausible.
Happy growing! @Tommyboy123

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Did a wee bit of seaching.

Only things could really find


Add sugar leave it and eventually it will ferment, nice buds mate :+1: