Struggling with is brown dying leaves

Yes I know I’m grabbing them at end of the month

Any one know how much I put in a 3.5 gallon pale for food sensi a @Covertgrower

The amount depends on what week you’re on. Week 4 calls for 13.53 fl oz.
week 2 is 6.76 fl oz.

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Week three I think it’s for the purple macro I think :thinking: it’s some of each that’s why I always put less I don’t know how tell do t got the tools

Did you get below!!

Does your grow container have any drainage holes in the bottom? and what type is the soil you are growing in.

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Promix and I only have two home made tubs the soil is giving me trouble yea I finally broke today and got the ph tester and ppm

Have the tubs got drainage holes in the bottom?

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No they don’t I take the lids off clean change water food once a week I only have ph drops and I make sure it looks like apple juice is around the water colour u look for in using drop ph checker

Well you called it man look at miss brown before and after


Looking a lot better, did you get a good PH pen and put drainage holes in the buckets?, we are here to make your grow productive and be as helpful as possible, looks like its paying dividends for you, anymore concerns don’t hesitate to let us all know so we can help in the area of need.


Yes I did get the pens ppm and ph it helps to know how much food u can give without killing them and i don’t have holes in my buckets yer or my bubbler I just empty them wash them so I know it’s clean but one day I will hook them up together

You need drainage in the pot mate at the bottom then find a runoff tray for the excess to run into, then you can take a runoff PH reading and a PPM reading it will help your grow significantly.


Can u get the pipe on amazon have you tryed battle grow mite killers off amazon I’m working with what I got right now but I will be adding my bubblers together

Can u walk me through the run off thing so I know what to do ??? I did cut a couple clones they look nice

Just find a pot tray or saucer for the tub to fit in, then drill some holes in the bottom of the tub so the liquid can drain into the saucer. Are you talking Hydro or soil growing?


I grow both right now but sooon just hydroponic so just drain some in a tray and check it??

Oh i am a soil grower, do you know anyone in the Hydro lane @dbrn32

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But with soil u run water through it then check the last drops or catch all the water and check it

Yes, i add the nutes to my water then PH it to the correct level, then water the plant until runoff into the tray is visible and enough to take a reading with the PH pen and PPM pen, dont wait to long to take the runoff readings as the runoff is sucked back up by the plant.

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