Sick girl! Anybody know what the issue is?

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Hard to say without details . You’ll have to fill out a support ticket
Tops looked cooked. How close is your light/ what kind of light?

Support ticket here. I’d like to know too…

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In addition to the support ticket, a close up on the buds and their tops, and a pic of the underside of a few leaves.

1000 watt hps, other 3 plants are totally fine.

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  • What strain- gold leaf/ Seed bank
  • Method: organic soil
  • Vessels:
  • PH of Water: N/A
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor
  • Light system- 1000w hps 6” hood
  • Temps; Day 70 degrees night, 65 degrees
  • Humidity: 35-50%
  • Ventilation system; Yes,
  • AC, yes, deHumidifier, yes
  • Co2; No
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it may be bud rot,
does this plant have the biggest/densest colas.?
better pics might help.!!


That was my first thought.

What’s your humidity been at?

I thought it might be bud rot also, but humidity is at 35-50% at all times, and the browning seems to just be sticking to the leaves only

Yes it is the biggest, and it grew at double the speed of the others :thinking:

I see in the picture the Leafs doing several different things some of them chicken clawing. Also some of them look like taco shells. It would be interesting to know what the pH is of the runoff. Also how close is the light. Good luck

Spread the buds open at the point of where the brown leaves are. You should be able to see if it’s bud rot. I have to agree with Slow Old Guy and Drinksl;inger. It certainly look like it to me also.

I checked the insides on all of them and nothing but green and white beauty. The leaves are just brown and it does smell different than the others

From picture I would’ve guessed bud rot too. You didn’t give us a lot to work with on support ticket. What is ph and ppm of your feed and runoff last couple of times?

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When is it do for harvest?

Do you let your soil dry out completely? Even though it’s harder to get in soil, root rot is still possible. Root root in soil is almost always a result from not letting the soil dry out.

she is probably over-watered and/or over-fertilized then,
funky signs of different deficiencies is a sign of problems at the root zone.
get a $15 moisture meter from a store, NOT Amazon, they r shipping bad meters,
test the ‘soil’ at the bottom of the pots where the roots grow,
only water when the meter reads down in the ‘moist’ area near or just in the ‘dry’ area.!

if u have no EC and/or pH meter then…
i would suggest using plain water and use the flood to drought watering method.!!

You are not checking or do not know the PH of the water you use or the runoff from pot when watering. PH is the first and foremost important detail to control when growing. you need to be able to measure and control your PH.

Happy growing :slight_smile:


Thank you everybody for your help! My cheap ph meter was the problem. It always registered 7 so I went to the hydro shop and purchased a new one. Ph was at about 5.5, and the hydro shop owner said it was cal-mag deficient. Bud is still good, just not so pretty. Thank you all again for your help and input, much appreciated.