Strains to increase appetite

Hello, I have been looking for strains designed to help increase appetite in patients with more serious illnesses. It is not easy finding the right strains at dispensaries even upon asking for it. So I decided to grow my own. I purchased 40 seeds from you not long ago just to see if I can do this. From the first grow of 15 plants 9 survived, now drying. I have 25 seeds remaining.

But I am on the hunt for appetite-inducing strains. I will begin my second grow from the remaining seeds. But I am hoping you can help me narrow down strains I’m looking for. I can be reached at anytime via email or phone. Thank you!

No personal information is allowed to be shared FYI.

I have chronic nausea and use weed to stimulate appetite in the evening hours. I tend to stick with indicas or indica dominant hybrids (blue mystic, blueberry,…) They work just fine and I actually take in most of my daily calories after I start smoking in the evenings.


I agree with that. Any of the Blueberry strains should help you out, Kush hybrids may also do the trick.

Everyone is different, so it is more of a trial and error thing, for the most part.

If legal in your state, you may also want to look into Delta 8 THC products. Many report appetite stimulation. I can confirm this personally as well. Not a trait I’m personally looking for but can attest to it.

May help until you can find and grow a strain that helps.

Zkittles and particularly Gelato are 2 that can really get my hunger going as I’m coming down

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