Strain suggestions for a semi newb with lots of experience growing food and a decent setup

Scroll up to the post where it’s listed: ‘Fun and Games on the Central Coast’ (second post). Click on the title and it’ll take you to the journal.

No, but it uses good base ingredients that are finely milled. (GH is optimized for hydroponics so organic ingredients are problematic) I am using all of the line: something like 9 or 10 products. I’m trying to maximize for terpenes as well as overall potency.

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ok that was easy thanks again, i love the pics i am going to be doin somme more reading of it here shortly how do you like growin all those different autos? ive been really interested in them for the short amount of time they take but have been put off by the yield ive heard about idk im just a newb reading all i can and i believe there is a lot more disinfomation the good information that’s why i have stopped going other places now that ive found this place it seems to be totally legit.

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I’m a photo grower. My grow buddy gets stupid yields with autos but the one time was kind of ‘meh’.

Well I hope so; I’ve been here a while haha. It’s a good respectful group with a variety of different skills/experience/history/trauma to warrant them being here growing cannabis: instead of weed.

Growing autos is more a matter of good timing and minimal handling. That don’t work for me.

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As you can see, this is a pretty bomber plant!

General Hydroponics is everywhere too, its tried and true. Ive used it and will continue to use it. I used it in a liquid hydro grow and it worked fine. Be very careful to add the nutes in the proper order. And ph the solution after everything is in.

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That’s a great compilation! Anyone else feel that the list is worthy of a sticky somewhere?

It points to an outside source, so probably not.

Ideally, ILGM would put something like that on their retail website…

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I will be respectful of everyone, i know im a newb and its gona take awhile to get some experience. this is hands down the most friendly and accurate website ive found on the subject and ive looked at a bunch. thanks again for all the help i really appreciate it.

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It can be hard to find regular seeds, especially if you’re looking for something specific. If I’m remembering correctly, ILGM carried the following in regular (male/female) seeds in ‘19:

Durban Poison
Northern Lights
White Widow
Gold Leaf
Jack Herer

I feel like there were 2 more though. I’m 100% positive about Durban and NL, but I could easily be misremembering some of the others.

I get why they carry feminized seeds, and I wouldn’t fixate on that if that’s the only thing between you and a cultivar purchase. The fem seeds will grow well.

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all the help ive been given in the last few days is awesome thank you for all the info. I believe im gona go with a photo seed i been looking at the lsd, and northern lights. i been lookin at the lsd because i mainly eat edibles and i think that maybe it would make some good ones from the description of the effects. and i was look at the northern lights for the time it matures in. im a little overwhelmed i will eventually decide on one but im also looking for good disease resistance and pest as well. ive had spider mites befor and i didn’t like that one bit i know that a strain cant keep you from getting mites but some are stronger then others correct?

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I think it’s appropriate to say some cultivars are more suited to environments which suppress certain pests and pathogens. If spider mites thrive above 80 degrees, then a plant that thrives at 70 would have an advantage.

Whatever route you go, there are many inexpensive preventative steps you can take to stop moulds and mites from ever becoming a problem.

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Last summer, I grew some LSD outside. The edibles I make with it are amazing! If you make them strong enough, it will almost reming you of it’s namesake!

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Im having temps right now of 73 daytime and 61 night for the last week straight is that too low or about right? I have some going from a friend who has been breeding his “own” for 8 generations he said he started with a blueberry og seed. they seem to be doing good they are a month old from seed on the 15th so tomorrow. they are only 6 inches tall but the stem is the same size as a pencil and it has a lot of side branching im not sure what he has been breeding them with he wont say he just gave me the seeds and said to try them out and let him know what i think. I am using them to get some more experience right now but i am going to order some that i know for a fact what they are you know how people are they will tell you anything but so far i have to say they are pretty. i don’t even know what blueberry og is ive seen them separate but not as a hybrid and if he has been breeding them with what? he is old school he don’t tell me anything at all juist gave me 10 of em and said that’s $100 to anybody but you try em and let me know what you think. Im anxious to see what they look like when they are a little bigger.

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Have you tried the flowers your friend grows?

yes they are hit and miss one year they will be very good others not so much idk if its just luck of the draw or sometimes he puts more into it then others he went through a divorce the year they weren’t too good so maybe that had something to do with it but ive never got his best either im sure mostly its a few pop corn buds here and there he is very private and usually grows for his own use but im hoping that i can do a little better with them since i don’t have any other things goin on to take away from them.

that’s exactly what i was hoping for i love me some strong edibles and a fat j to lessen the wait.

My first real grow with 8th gen seed descended from blueberry og so I'm told I think I sent you the link correctly. you helped me out so much I thought you might want to see what I have going on currently. cant believe I misspelled blueberry in the title but hey what can I say. any tips on my setup or anything you may see wrong let me know im very open to suggestions as long as their constructive criticism.

My first real grow with 8th gen seed descended from blueberry og so I'm told. still cant believe I misspelled blueberry in the title but it is what it is. you were so helpful and very informative I thought maybe you could take a look at what im doin now and call out anything you see wrong or that I could improve on.

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That way you can find anybody’s journal!!!

And now for homework : I posted a Boveda giveaway in my grow journal : M.I.L.K……. if you find it you can participate and maybe get a bucketful of Boveda packs!!! Good luck!

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Even if you don’t find it, you can participate. It’s just more complicate to find :wink: