Still looking sick after weeks of nutrients

Ayahuasca purple on the bottom, do si do on the top in Ocean forest. Both are photoperiod. Sf1000 and maxisun pb1000, both at about 70%. Sprouted in october and november… temps and humidy have been at 70-75 and 50-60 rh consistently for months. Ive been using biothrive 224 for the last month every other watering at 1-2tsp per gallon. Ph has been 6.1- 6.5. Ph was 5.8 last watering, runoff being 6.2ish. Whats going on? Any advice always greatly appreciated!


Looks like they’re starving for magnesium. I would start adding epsom salt to your regimen. 1/2 tsp per gallon should be fine.


Thanks! Im also using calmagic… should i add more than a tsp per gallon?

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I agree with @BobbyDigital its a magnesium def i just had a look on the internet and everything points to magnesium

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I would switch to just epsom salt for a few watering then switch back to your calimagic as normal.

Thanks! Ill get on that asap. Trying to flip soon😅

Nice manifold on those plants bro!:beers:


Lol thanks! Now if only i could keep her from starving​:sweat_smile::sob:

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