Sticking it up in her 🤭

I’ve got a pretty big 4-ft tall GSCE Autoflower. She’s about 55 days old. As you can see from the image below she’s got a lot of colas on her the average cola being 3 ft tall. She’s not even begun to be finished yet so I anticipate as her Bud start to fatten her colas are going to start bending from the weight pretty bad. (One can only assume)

Not knowing she was going to get this big I put her in a 3 gallon grow bag. The bag has become simply a giant root. I can barely jam a moisture meter in her to get a moisture reading. That’s all good because I know when she’s hungry.

My question is… At some point here very soon I’m going to need to put some support stakes in the dirt which is nothing but a giant root ball to support her colas. In the past when I find works very good are 1/4 inch dowel sticks/pegs.

I would venture to say she’s going to need five to seven pegs to support her colas. I can’t see jamming that big around of a peg through all them roots without doing some serious damage. I’m also thinking if I have no alternative but to use the dowel pegs I could sharpen them on one end like a pencil. I still think it may damage the root because they are a 1/4 inch round…

What’s your thoughts guys/Gals?


Amazon has bamboo stakes up to 4" . Won’t hurt the roots. Ialso was worried about root damage but it didn’t hurt them.


Plant yoyo’s fixed from above. I wouldn’t go poking around the roots of a flowering plant


Beautiful plant good luck

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Try the biggest tomato cage turn it upside down and put it around the pot not into the dirt


Plant yo-yo is a great idea.

Only other think I can think of is to build a little frame around the pot, out of 2x4s or PVC pipe, and attached your support dowels to the frame. Would it fit inside a milk crate? That might be the right size and strong enough to attached your supports.

Looks like you’re in a tent. If she can stay in place the whole time, you could tie some line or rope between the frame to create a mini cage inside, but plant mobility would not be great.

4 to 6 foot bamboo stakes at lowes. Wedge them between the edge of the pot and soil. That what i use.


I didn’t think I was going to get any good feedback on this but you guys all have wonderful ideas. I love the tomato cage idea. The yoyo looks like it’ll work. There’s no room inside the tent to modify anything there’s 9 autos in a 4x4 all in early to mid flower stage. It’s tighter than even you could possibly imagine everything has to come out once a day so putting anything different inside the tent running off of poles wouldn’t work…

Using the 4-ft bamboo steaks between the side of the dirt and the bag making the frame is a great idea @ChittyChittyBangin I do believe I can make that work. And I agree with all of you the poking anything down into that root system would be severely damaging the girl. And we don’t want that

Again all of your ideas are wonderful I appreciate all your input and this gives me a lot to run with I was beating my head up against the wall… Bless you all :kissing_heart:


Why do you need to take the ladies out everyday? Another idea is to put up a scrog net and work it down over the buds to where you want them. It will support them and give better light. If bc of watering that u take them out, maybe a wand on a spray type gardening jug could work. Just a thought. Good luck

You’re 100% correct your idea would be perfect. However the room I’m in has very little space the conditions are perfect so space is limited.

A scrog and a pump sprayer sounds like it would work but I can’t get to the back plants without taking the front plants out as I can’t fit behind the tent nor on one side.

There are nine girls in the tent with three different levels of feeding so I find it just as easy to take one out at a time trim it, feed it, and talk to it for a few then put it back.

Your ideas actually what I wanted to do originally but I’m not crawling around behind walls to reach the back end of the tent.

Thanks for your ends put bud. I appreciate you


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