Starting the drying process CFL grow

Decided to chop down 2 weeks early due to hermaphrodite flowers appearing.
Just wanted to thank everyone here for your help. Couldn’t have got this far without you. I was given some ideas and opinions that, if I didn’t know about the outcome would have been very disappointing. Like paying attention to pistils, trichome coloring from Clear to milky with a little Amber, flushing etc.
There is still a lot for me to learn. The process has become a true passion.
The little one is attempt at cloning, then there’s the two main coalas (she was toppled after 8th node)


Im also growing under cfls, and after being a bit skeptical about them, seems they are just as good as anything else. Good job, looks like you got some nice bud. Did you use different lamps for veg and bloom?

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Thank you!
I used 2700k all the way through. I meant to get 5000k for the veg but never got around to it. Could it have affected the outcome? From what I read, maybe slightly.
I have a Blue Mystic auto flower and a Northern Light auto flower seeds germinating now and when it’s time, they will get 5000k til flower then 2700k.
This lady in the pics is my first attempt and I’m super stoked that I’m catching on to this beautiful process.
Oh, one more thing…after about a month into flower on this grow I started having issues with my top leaves looking burnt. There might have been multiple factors but I’m pretty sure having my cfl’s too close (2-1/2 inches away from coalas) was creating heat damag. I gradually pulled the lights up and away over time and there were no more issues.
I’ve seen some really nice looking grows with cfl’s and I plan on sticking with them for now.
Good luck on your grow and show pics!!

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How far were your lamps from the plants? Seems I just toasted a youngster by having the lamps too close.

Two and a half inches or so all throughout veg and most of flower. Not until late into flower did I start having issues.
I’ve read that once your plant is putting all of its energy into producing buds it won’t put much energy into healing. I think that’s why I started having yellowing (like nute or pH issues) on my top fan leaves. The rest of the plants leaves were very green and healthy looking.
Here are a couple pics of the same plant harvested above, while in veg and early flower. You can see how close I have the lights.

CFGL lamps work but, yield substantially less than HID lamps. There is a majot difference in tha ability to penetrate deeper into the plant canopy with HID

Right, that’s why I only grow 2 plants (one in each cabinet) at a time. I also have smaller 2700K lamps to light up the lower parts of the plant during blossom.

Very close it seems. Do you use the larger lamps when the plant is just starting to veg? I have 2 80w’ers in my veg cabinet, I think I may have o.d.ed my little one on light. Is that possible?

I kept 3- 2700k on her all throughout veg and throughout most of flower.
I’m just a newbie but I don’t really think you can over do it when it comes to light. At least not with cfl’s.
Maybe too close can do damage but not od’d.

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1-1/2 oz from lady above