Starting seeds in a small outdoor Greenhouse

I’m getting ready to start some feminized seeds that I’m waiting to come in the mail. (Fruity Mix Pack) I live in Massachusetts so I’m starting my seeds in a small outdoor greenhouse until I feel they’re ready to be outside on their own. I’m unable to start indoors with lights so if anyone could share some advice/knowledge on how to do so or how to start them more efficiently I’d appreciate it. thanks! (Here’s the exact Greenhouse I’ll be using)

I plan on transplanting the germinated seeds into 1 gallon starter pots with Happy Frog soil, and then keeping them outside in the greenhouse unless I have to more them indoors overnight due to tempatures dropping. I’d like to grow the plants at least a month or two in the greenhouse before I transplant into 10 gallon smart pots and leave them outdoors for the rest of the season. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A small heater will allow you to keep them at 70 easy at night.

Welcome to ilgm @KritsCannabis ! Ton of us from MA here.

I think your greenhouse would work but I think I would get a thermometer in there so you can check your day time and night temps to see if it is warm or too cold. I guess a lot depends on how much sun it’s gonna get.

Interesting project!

Mine have heat on all nigbt, then vents open auto. I open up all doors and windows on nice days and things are going well.

I also use aheating mats ease I have about 15 flower flats going from seed at the same time.

Hey :wave: @KritsCannabis
Welcome to the playground can’t recommend to much I start indoors but wanted to say high
I like the green house should work well for you
I’m in ny myself and temps are still getting low At night but a few weeks should make all the difference

Hey guys thank you for the responses, ILGM and it’s forum has been extremely helpful. I have a small heater for the greenhouse, I’m just kinda skeptic about keeping it on over night, but I will definitely look into a heated mat. Depending on the weather I plan on germinating the seeds mid to late may. I’m somewhat concerned about them finishing on time come september/october. Any advice on which soil to use once I transplant them into 10 gallon fabric pots? I was planning to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with about 30-40% perlite. thanks again for all the help!

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I would wait to transplant untill you have at least five sets of true leaves should be around 30 days from seed or there abouts

Hi there just wanted to say nice build man I have something similar and I keep mine closed mostly just open it two to three times a day and mine has no vents so there isn’t any airflow but yet they love it

also keep in mind that it is an experiment I’m doing

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@Stoneherbal thanks for the reply man, huge relief to see someone with a similar project. what’s the climate like where you are? I’m on the eastcoast of the US so I’m still waiting on the weather to turn.

Sweet man I’m not sure what the climate is here, I live way down on the southern tip of Africa so I’m not sure what category it falls into but the weather is very jumpy mostly nice weather but now entertaining winter it drops under 10 degrees at night and stays cold till about 10am to 11am and lightning is around 7:00/7:30 to 17:30/18:25 and summer (December) is normally around 04:45/05:30 to 19:20/20:30

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Figured I’d post an update of the greenhouse

My friend gave me a clone of Northern Lights(fem) about a week ago, it was grown indoors under lights and has transitioned really well into my greenhouse. I’ve been putting it outside during the day and bringing it in at night, hopefully in another week or two I’ll be able to keep it outside for good. The temperature at night is still dropping into the 40’s and low 50’s. It’s kinda hard to see in the picture but the two unmarked pots have sprouted, they were random seeds that were given to me also around a week ago

As far as the Fruity Mix Pack goes
(Strawberry Kush, Blueberry, & Pineapple Haze)

I germinated the seeds in water for over the last 30 hours or so, until the seeds had cracked and started to show the tap root, this morning I put them into their individual pots filled with Happy Frog soil, and moved them outdoors into the greenhouse. I’m hoping to see them all sprout up in the upcoming days/week and will post an update when necessary. thanks for all the help & feedback.


@Ketel hey man would you mind posting some pictures of your set up sometime? that sounds pretty interesting and efficient

Hey @KritsCannabis

These are mine in my green house I start them indoors and move out
These are about 65 days from seed
I trying the green house out to extend my season mostly since I have a indoor grow starting isn’t t a issue for me just thought I would share


@Countryboyjvd1971 thank you for sharing! I’d love to upgrade to a greenhouse of that size eventually

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And I’m sure you will some day my friend
It’s my first time using them but think they will work great I picked them up for 120 ea on Amazon
Out of curiosity what area are you growing in ?
I have a few threads going if you’d like to check them out
One indoor and one outdoor
If you like I’ll tag you in let me know

@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah that’d be great, thank you. I’m on the southcoast of Massachusetts


This is awesome, love it !

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Cool we aren’t that far off lol I’m in Ny close to Ct boarder I’ll tag you in when I get home

So far so good, the greenhouse has been extremely helpful starting my seeds even though the weather still isn’t exactly ideal