Starting a new run

So Far i’ve grown 12 plants. Im 7 for 12 as the last 5 have been disasters. The first 7 went smooth, but believe my Yeilds should be higher. I’ve been running with Chocolope and Amnesia Haze for the most part. Now for the most part i’ve not delt with Nutes, aside from Koolbloom in the later stages . I wanna start trying to use more nutes in the earlier stages . I wanted to buy ILGM’s Nutes but they seem to always be out. So what should i run with or if any? If so is there guide to when and how much to use?

I’ll Being growing either Chocolope or amnesia haze
FoxFarm soil

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Assuming you’ve focused on your grow setup and is tuned up. Using FFOF you really don’t have much opportunity to play with nutes as there is pretty much everything in that soil you need.

There are too many nutrient lines to list here but my advice is wanting to control your plants more: coco or Promix. Then you can supplement for the entire grow and get a feel for that grow technique.

I personally like growing in Promix HP as my favorite medium. High growth rates and amazing control over your plant. That said; you should have a working understanding of how to monitor and adjust feeding program from checking input and output PH and TDS.

I like General Hydroponics although likely will be going to Jack’s next grow. GH is a great product and does a fine job.