Starting a ILGM 6 White Widow AF Grow

Tent: 3x3x7’ Gorilla
Light: Sun System 315W LEC
Exhaust: 6" Hyper-Fan 315 CFM
Passive intake: 10" on one side and 6" ducting on the other each going into their on boxes with a 12"x12" #7 HVAC filter mounted. Plus the fine screened back flap is open.
Pots: 3 gallon fabric pots.
Soil: 50/50 mix Ocean Forest and Happy Frog
Nutes: Grow More
Water: collected rainwater

Is there a grow journal section?


Watching with interest! How old are the babies from sprouting?

5 days.
We’re having low humidity weather. I’m hanging wet towel in there trying to maintain over 50% rh.
I ordered a humidifier and it will be here Tuesday.


Some close up shots.

Looking good! Did some crafting today and almost done with a home made humidifier lol. Based on the same principals as the one you posted, using a sonic fogger to create the mist with it on a weighted float inside a 5 gal bucket. 80cm cpu fan pushes air into the bucket threw the top and the mist exits from a 90 degree elbow pointing up. Should work… Theoretically lol!

Sounds interesting.
I thought of buckets but right now I’ve got limited floor space.
I’ll probably cull down from 6 to 4 for my 3x3 foot area.

I added the humidifier. Preliminary tests show it’s helping. It has a humidistat which is helpful.


What was your relative humidity before and after the humidifier?

I was in the 30-40 before.
Now 60’s.

Nice increase with it! I bought a humidifier today to hold me over until my atomizer arrives, increased from 16% to 25% :fearful: lol.

I only plan on using it when needed. Seedling and veg. During flower no way.

I finally got the tent dialed in for now.
Temps holding in mid to high 70F’s and the Rh in the 50-75 range. Mostly in the 60 range.
Here’s a video.

Lowered the LEC to 24" above the plants.
This seems like a good height for now with this light.
Temp and RH doing good.

Looks interesting…I’ll be watching…new grower here

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Here they are at 2 weeks old today. The 2 on the left were slow at the start.
I haven’t grown WWAF before. They’ve received nothing but rainwater waterings and one diluted tea watering.
I’m thinking they look pretty good so far.

On edit I do notice a little up leaf curl.
Maybe my LEC is too close at 24". It’s not too hot but rather I’m thinking it’s too intense??


23 days old now. These White Widow autoflowers aren’t as “burly” as my last auto grow which was Northern Lights and Fast & Vast. These plants are more dainty and are preflowing quicker.
I just put wood sections under 4 of the 5 to even out the tops and get then all 18" under the Sun System 315W LEC.

Oh, and the ambient humidity is back up so the humidifier is gone.


They look good. In my experience in this strain they will veg longer under 24/0 light schedule. This allows them to get bigger before they start flowering

Thank you! They are on a 20/4 cycle so far. Would it mess them up to 24/0 at this stage? Would it help?

It def wouldn’t hurt them. Not sure I tried 18/6 when I first started growing these plants. I seen a big difference when I switched to 24/0

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I liked the ww autos so much I ordered some regular ww seeds.

I would grow these ww autos forever if I didn’t have to buy the seeds.

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