Start of 4th of flower GDP

Little tweak here and there makes a huge difference

I run with soil and use a 33gallon plastic trash can to hold my RO water for manual waterings and feedings. When I fill or refill my water “tank” I add 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of dolomite lime to it and and bubble it over nite
No more cal/mag issues for me and it raises holds the PH at 7
I could never keep up with adding the rt amount of Cal/mag before I went this route

I’m just using a 5 gal bucket i need to upgrade to at least 2 5 gals lol. Im getting tired of making new water every 3-4 days. Finally upgraded my water storage tho. 55 gal food safe barrel. Cleaned her up real well then got a manual pump for it and no more waiting 3 hrs for 5 gallons of RO water when I need to make more. Was looking into a 10 gallon bucket but people want like $30-70 bucks for a damn bucket nowadays so ill have to do the leg work and find one or cough up some change

at some point when and if my grow gets larger, I’ll Need to go to a 55gal holding tank. And I do like the idea of 5-10 gallon buckets. I’d like to make into a a little foot pedal/wand filler with a small pump. It’d make the watering a whole lot easier