Spring outdoor planting - What to expect?

My seeds have germinated well, and have been under cfl for 6 weeks @ 24 hrs of light per day. they are 8 inches tall, look very strong, with extensive root structure in their 5X5X5 starter pots. I transplanted them this weekend to a single 10 gallon pot and put them outdoors. Soil is lightly fertilized (.21 N .11K .11P) with lots of vermiculite and perlite. Bottom of pot has higher NPK - composted potting soil. With the Spring solstice not far away, what should I expect with these newbies? Will they continue in vegetative or start to flower. They will soon be receiving 12/12 light cycle, but the weather will be fair and warm. Will they continue in veg through summer?



12/12 could force flowering, depending on some other factors. Not sure what being on the uphill side of the daylight hours will do. If they don’t flower while around 12/12, they will veg until the fall when they get back to 12/12.

The days are going to get longer until the Summer solstice. So you should be able to veg. However; Since you went against nature, and vegged under 24/0 photo period, threre is no telling how things will turn out. Wish you luck, and hope it all works out.

As an afterthought; I think your plants will flower. This actually might be a good thing, because your harvest will come before the harshest Summer heat.

Thanks for the response Latewood. I agree, having an early harvest will be perfect. They already are developing a nice pungent aroma - will be a nice crop I’m sure.

Question - If the buds only are cut from a plant in June (90 days from flowering) would the plant continue in a veg state, or will it die?

Best thing I can tell is to try it. You must leave some branches with leaves if you attempt to re-veg.

I have had some great success with reveg plants, while others died. All you can do is try, and see what happens. :slight_smile: